WEF Guru Admits ‘They Desire More Souls, I Want Less On The Planet’

The globalist guru of death fun about depopulation

Throughout the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2019 India Economic Peak, forum speaker Sadhguru, a yogi author, laughed out loud after admitting he desires more people to die.

The “ visionary” has been a primary loudspeaker at the UN World Headquarters and UN Convention in order to Combat Desertification and is a regular speaker at the WEF Indian Economic Summit and TED Conferences.

According to the WEF website , Sadhguru “ founded Isha Foundation, a non-profit corporation with human being well-being as its core commitment . ”

However , the video below displays Sadhguru telling an interviewer, “ All the religious groups are against me mainly because I’m talking about population. They need more souls, I want much less on the planet. ”

Both Sadhguru and the individual questioning him broke out into a Dr . Evil-type menacing laugh following the disturbing comment.

Watch Harrison Smith of The American Journal break it straight down in the video below:

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