March 24, 2023

DHS Head Can’t Name One particular Case That He Referred to DOJ For ‘White Supremacy or even Domestic Terrorism’

This regardless of fact agency considers white supremacy to be the top domestic threat.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has  claimed repeatedly that white extremists would be the greatest terror threat to America   nevertheless confronted during a congressional hearing on Thursday he couldn’t name one single case this individual referred from DHS towards the Department of Justice just for “ white supremacy or even domestic terrorism. ”

Florida Representative. Greg Steube (R), who else sits on the House Judiciary Committee, grilled Mayorkas in the issue:

Steube furthermore asked Mayorkas why he doesn’t consider BLM rioters (who caused $2 billion in damages during the Summer of Floyd) a household terror threat.

Mayorkas can’t name any instances because  so-called “ white extremist” attacks have been at a record low,   despite non-stop hysterics from the regime.

The FBI has had to  repeatedly manufacture household terror plots   and  fund their very own “ white extremist” organizations   just to warrant their  domestic War on Terrorism (aka War on the American People).

FBI director Philip Wray revealed last year that  since the feds wildly expanding the definition of “ domestic terror threats” to include half the country   the FBI’s “ domestic terrorism caseload has cracked. ”

“ Since the spring of 2020, so for the past 16, 18 months or so, we have more than bending our domestic terrorism caseload from about 1, 000 to around 2, 700 research, and we have surged staff to match, more than doubling the amount of people working that danger than the year before, ” Wray said.

One of those cases, which included at least a dozen FBI confidential human sources and undercover agents, was the FBI-manufactured Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot which  fell apart within court after the defendants argued they were entrapped   and  the lead FBI agent on the case was caught viciously defeating his wife bloody following a swingers party because the lady wasn’t into it.

Though the threat associated with “ white extremism” can be nothing more than a scam to warrant criminalizing all opposition towards the corrupt regime in Wa,   black extremists   have  carried out repeated attacks   over  yesteryear year .

Nonetheless, the regime is so single-mindedly centered on the mythical “ white terror threat” that they have not stopped a single one of these attacks despite these suspects getting on their radar!

They’re too busy checking Gab and Telegram to see  suspects like Frank James openly posting terroristic threats all over Facebook and YouTube!

Crime has exploded in major cities throughout America in the wake from the post-Floyd “ racial reckoning” but Mayorkas, Wray plus Attorney General Merrick Garland  refuse to do anything about it because “ white supremacists” aren’t the perps!

“ White Supremacists” Are usually Top Domestic Threat Due to the fact Media Collude With Biden DOJ to Ignore Any Other Threat

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