March 24, 2023

Tucker Carlson: Neoliberalism Collapsing Thanks To Joe Biden

Puppet president reminded the American people how horrible and destructive the far-left’s policies really are, he admits that.

The particular American people have been reminded of how terrible neoliberalism is usually thanks to Joe Biden’s full-throated embrace of it, according to Sibel News host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson began his Friday monologue of “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” explaining how the mass media like The particular Washington Post promised that Biden’s $4 trillion neoliberal agenda might bring about unparalleled prosperity.

“ Neoliberalism is usually looting with a smokescreen of race and gender politics so you won’t notice that it happened. But the Post told us, ‘ Relax. Later on Biden’s going to give all of us something even better, better than we’ve ever had. Think FDR as well as the New Deal but with no downside, ‘” Carlson mentioned.  

“ So that’s what they were telling you a year ago, April 20, 2021. Fast-forward a year, and it’s really clear the Post started using it just about half right. Neoliberalism has indeed waned below Joe Biden, ” Carlson continued. “ It will not survive the Biden administration, yet that’s not because Joe Biden has rejected neoliberalism or found an alternative, something that will revolutionize America, like the interstate highway system. No . ”

“ It is because Joe Biden embraced neoliberalism and in so doing reminded the rest of us, tens of millions of Americans, that it’s horrible, that neoliberalism serves the interests associated with virtually no one, ” Carlson observed. “ It’s a protect for the distribution of prosperity, a distribution that has become more lopsided in our age than at any age ever. It is a shocking discredit to capitalism. It’s not actually market capitalism. It’s something controlled and grotesque. ”

Another sign of Many rejection of neoliberalism can be seen with the collapse of corporate media initiatives like CNN+, Spotify’s cushy deal with the Obamas, and the implosions of Netflix and Disney, Carlson pointed out.

“ What are we watching right here? We’re watching the end of neoliberalism and its core plank, the thing it depends upon to survive, which is corporate control over media and hence your brain, ” Carlson said.

“ They need to control what you think or you will reject all of them, but increasingly, they’re unable to because censorship, thank God, is dying and we can credit to some great level Elon Musk for that, the particular richest man in the world. He recently bought Twitter. Today, polls made it very clear that will Americans support this. Precisely why? Not because they want another billionaire owner of their mass media property, but because— as well as the Harvard Harris poll discovered this— a majority of Americans realize that Twitter was a force regarding censorship, a force designed for control over the population. ”

In the end, people are rejecting neoliberalism because they can see exactly how it’s effecting their life at the gas pump with the grocery store.

“ Why are people rejecting this? Well, section of the reason is that while Joe Biden was creating a fool of himself going on about trans seniors, Americans are getting poorer plus they feel it. There’s no hiding it. Many Americans can barely afford to live within their own country, ” Carlson explained.

“ And the truth is, it doesn’t matter what Biden says or any of our politics leaders say. You can say whatever you want, but people still live here and so they still have eyes to see and if their lives are getting even worse. They know that you’re lying and that the beliefs you might be selling are hollow as well as the core belief is neoliberalism. That’s been completely discredited and killed by Joe Biden. If he’s achieved anything as president, it’s that will, ” Carlson concluded.

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