“We Are On The Precipice Of A Global Food Crisis, ” Goya Foods CEO Alerts

The effects of pandemic lockdowns, related supply chain stresses, and conflict in Ukraine are wreaking havoc on the world’ s agricultural program. Readers have heard other brands the UN warning that will Middle Eastern countries are in “ breaking points” because food prices hit  report highs, and as of last week, the Rockefeller Foundation started the  countdown  (about 6 months) […]#@@#@!!

The effects of pandemic lockdowns, related supply chain stresses, and conflict in Ukraine are wreaking havoc around the world’s agricultural system. Visitors have heard the likes of the particular UN warning that Middle Eastern countries are at “ breaking points ” as food costs hit  record heights , and as of a week ago, the Rockefeller Foundation started the  countdown   (about six months) to a “ massive, instant food crisis. ”

Now, Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue has issued a similar warning:   “ We are on the precipice of a global food crisis. ”  

In a Wednesday job interview, Unanue told  Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo ,   “ Americans will have to tighten their belts and consume less, ”   in response to her question in regards to a potential food shortage crisis.

Bartiromo after that asked a series of questions, this kind of as  “ Do you think things will get worse? ”   and  “ Do you think food prices will go even higher later this year? ”  

He cautioned about an imbalance in world food production, indicating  “ maqui berry farmers are paying double for fertilizer, they’re planting less and yields will be less. ”  

Unanue then spoke about  “ 30% of the global wheat production within Ukraine goes unplanted. ” He said the “ global food supply chain is a very tight balance. If we disrupt the food production, we will have a  food crisis that will send prices with the roof . ”  

He continued to say,   as a rich nation, we can afford higher-priced meals, but other countries won’t be able to bear i t, ” suggesting the US will be the last affected.    

To the Unanue’s point, the particular dominos are already beginning to drop as inflation riots have already sparked  socio-economic turmoil in Sir Lanka   and  Peru . Countries across Africa and the Middle East, a lot of which are importers of meals, are experiencing soaring costs and imminent shortages.  

Unanue’s job interview is more proof the world’s agricultural system is fracturing and storm clouds are collecting.  

Watch the full interview right here.  

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