December 6, 2022

Global Energy Agency Demands Worldwide Lockdowns to Meet Climate Targets

‘International Energy Company has demanded Governments globally essentially lockdown

The International Power Agency has demanded Governments worldwide essentially ‘ lockdown’ the public to cut down the use of oil and meet “ climate change” targets.

To be blunt, the ordinary, hardworking man and woman is being brainwashed to think that the planet is at risk of disaster, it is their fault, and they must change their particular behaviour in order to save the world. Yet this couldn’t be additional from the truth.

Humanity could most certainly be kinder to nature as well as the other living things that inhabit Earth, but the argument the world will essentially finish as we know it if we don’t get to carbon zero from the year 2050 or earlier is propaganda. It is a device being used by the elites in order to shape the future through worry, just as they have done with the alleged Covid-19 crisis, and as they are now doing using the war in Ukraine.

One example of this sit is that ordinary men and women are the reason plastic is polluting our seas.

As you’ll have now came across if you’ve visited a Mcdonalds, you are now forced to use one of the worst inventions actually to grace our planet – the paper straw.

But plastic straws aren’t the problem. The real is actually lost and abandoned fishing gear, which is deadly in order to marine life and makes up nearly all plastic pollution in the seas ( resource ). The next source of contamination is large loads of plastic waste being dumped at sea by ships.

So the real problem here is companies, not the ordinary man plus woman. It’s not us who seem to needs to change, it’s large business that needs to change.

But the vultures have got smelt their next opportunity to get rich quick. But to do so they need you to think there is a problem, and they need you to pay for it. This is where the Worldwide Energy Agency comes in.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) was founded in 1974 following the 1973 oil crisis. The IEA was initially dedicated to responding to physical interruptions in the supply of  oil .

In the decades since, the role has expanded to cover the entire global energy program, encompassing traditional energy resources such as oil, gas, and coal as well as cleaner and faster growing ones such as solar photovoltaics, wind power and biofuels.

As Government policy set off a global health and economic crisis in early 2020 in response to the claimed Covid-19 pandemic, the IEA called on governments to ensure that their economic recovery programs focus on clean energy assets in order to create the problems for a sustainable recovery plus long-term structural decline in carbon emissions.

Today the IEA acts as a policy adviser to the member states which include the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as major emerging economies.

The IEA’s current Executive Director is  Fatih Birol , who got office in late 2015 plus began his second term four years later.

Here he is speaking to the founder of Microsoft, major investor in Huge Pharma, and founder of ‘ Breakthrough Energy’, Mr Bill Gates at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in-may 2021 –

Yes, Bill Gates is involved just as before. Isn’t he always?

In March 2022, the IEA published a written report titled  ‘ The 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use’.

Here’s how the organisation referred to the report –

“ In the face of the emerging global power crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the particular IEA’s  10-Point Intend to Cut Oil Use   proposes 10 actions that can be taken to reduce essential oil demand with immediate impact – and provides recommendations for how those actions can help pave the way to putting oil demand onto a more sustainable route in the longer term. ”

And this an infographic of their suggested 10-point plan –

Reducing highway speed limits by about 6 miles per hour; more working from home; street changes to encourage walking plus cycling; car-free Sundays within cities and restrictions on other days; cutting transportation fares; policies that motivate more carpooling; cutting business air travel.

Seems an awful lot like a “ climate” version of Covid-19 lockdowns, doesn’t it?

The IEA even offer the following –

“ Restricting private cars’ use of roads in large cities to those with even number-plates some weekdays and to those with odd-numbered plates on other weekdays”

The real query of course is whether Governments may adopt the measures. But they claim to have been “ adopting the science” (at least the funded by Big Pharma version of Science) for the past two years, so why stop right now?

In the UK, the federal government has written into legislation that the ‘ zero emissions’ target must be met simply by 2050, and a  report  published by Oxford University and Imperial College London states that in order to meet those focuses on the following actions must be taken –

  • All airports must near between 2020 and 2029 excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports, which can just stay open on the situation that transfers to and from the particular airport are done through rail.
  • All remaining airports must then close between 2030 plus 2049 as to meet the lawful commitment of zero emissions simply by 2050 every citizen from the United Kingdom must “ prevent using aeroplanes” for a substantial period of time.
  • The public will be required to stop carrying out anything that causes emissions irrespective of its energy source. According to the review this will require the public to never eat beef or lamb ever again.
  • To get this done national consumption of beef plus lamb will drop by 50 percent between 2020 and 2029. Then between 2030 plus 2049 beef and lamb will be “ phased out”.
  • Construction of new buildings must also cease simply by 2050.

The  report  was released in November 2019 and was authored simply by ‘ UK Fires’, a collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Shower and Imperial College Greater london – the home of Teacher Neil Ferguson.

Entitled ‘ Absolute Zero’,   the particular report is a research collaboration in which the authors reveal the actual UK must do to meet its legal requirement to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, plus it makes for harrowing reading.

Is it just a chance that four months after the release of the report, the UK Government brought in the Coronavirus Act and implemented a national lockdown which decimated the travel industry? A quick read-through of the report definitely suggests the real reason for lockdowns may have been so that the Government may meet its legal dedication to reduce emissions.

Do you not find it odd how Draconian Covid-19 plans also allegedly helped the particular climate and now the same options are being touted to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plus meet absurd climate targets?

These suggested ‘ solutions’ to environment change, Covid-19, and now the particular Russian war are all the exact same – hammer the poor plus middle class with more restrictions on travel, less independence, and even more surrendering of capacity to unelected government regulators.

This isn’t about your health or the health of the planet, it could about wealth and eventually control.

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