New Bill Would Eliminate Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

Rep. Lauren Boebert would like to defund DHS disinfo device.

A new bill introduced by Rep. Lauren Boebert might eliminate Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board, dubbed a ‘ Ministry of Truth’ simply by critics, before it also got off the ground.

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that the new unit will concentrate primarily on “ misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular immigration and Russia. ”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on CNN Sunday to assert that the panel will not have “ operational authority” and will instead “ disseminate those best practices to the operators that have been executing and addressing this threat for years. ”

Many saw a clear correlation between Elon Musk buying Twitter as well as the creation of the new panel.

Now Representative. Boebert wants to introduce legislation to defund the DHS disinformation board. The full text of the bill can be look at here .

“ This sort of stuff is terrifying. All of us in Congress have the strength of the purse. It is our own duty to shut down this department immediately, ” Boebert told Fox News. “ I’m calling on leadership in the Republican Party – Head McCarthy, Whip Scalise, among others — to join me within calling for this department to become shut down and defunded. ”

“ Simply no tax dollars should go to where Biden can use the strength of the federal government to quiet truthful stories like Huge Tech did with the Seeker Biden story, ” Boebert added, comparing the disinformation board to the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984.

“ Democrats took that [book] not as a caution, but as a guide, ” she added.

The Republican Congresswoman will now seek co-sponsors for the costs and is expected to introduce this within a week.

“ This really is a division of propaganda, ” Boebert said. “ To say that the federal department has a state in what’s right plus what’s wrong. What’s reality and what is not. This is a very dangerous place that we now have come to. ”

As we previously highlighted, the girl picked to head up the ‘ Ministry of Truth’ said free speech can make her “ shudder” whilst also promoting the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop computer story was Russian disinformation.

She furthermore ludicrously cited Christopher Steele as an expert on disinformation. Steele was the author from the infamous Clinton campaign-funded Trump ‘ peegate’ dossier’ that turned out to be an actual product associated with disinformation.

Jankowicz previously called Elon Musk an “ online abuser, ” while arguing to get more censorship when she asserted, “ The ‘ free of charge speech vs censorship’ framework is a false dichotomy. ”

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