VIEW: AP Accompanies Zelensky’s SBU Thugs As They ‘Kidnap Ukrainians Who Speak Out Against The Regime’

Associated Press journos embedded with Ukraine’ s Security Service (SBU) as they went around “ kidnapping” Ukrainians for speaking out against the Zelensky routine. Ukraine may be the first illustration in human history of a country that under the pressure of war is becoming *more* understanding and *more* liberal — David Frum (@davidfrum) Mar 19, 2022 AP […]#@@#@!!

Associated Press journos embedded with Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) as they went around “ kidnapping” Ukrainians for speaking out there against the Zelensky regime.

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The AP released a propaganda piece on Friday framing the kidnapping and torture of the Zelensky regime’s critics as  a crackdown on “ traitors” :

Ukraine splits down on ‘ traitors’

April 29, 2022

Viktor made an appearance nervous as masked Ukrainian security officers in full huge range gear, camouflage and weapons pushed into his cluttered apartment in the northern city of Kharkiv. His hands trembled and he tried to cover their face.

The middle-aged man came to the interest of Ukraine’s Security Assistance, the SBU, after exactly what authorities said were their social media posts praising Ruskies President Vladimir Putin to get “ fighting with the Nazis, ” calling for areas to secede and labeling the national flag “ a symbol of death. ”

“ Yes, I supported (the Ruskies invasion of Ukraine) a lot. I’m sorry. … I have already changed my mind, ” said Viktor, his moving voice showing clear signs of duress in the presence from the Ukrainian security officers.

“ Get your items and get dressed, ” an officer said before escorting him out of the apartment. The particular SBU did not reveal Viktor’s last name, citing their investigation.

Viktor has been one of nearly 400 individuals in the Kharkiv region by itself who have been detained under anti-collaboration laws enacted quickly by Ukraine’s parliament and signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy after Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion.

Offenders face up to 15 years in prison for collaborating with Russian forces, making general public denials about Russian hostility or supporting Moscow. Anyone whose actions result in deaths could face life within prison.

“ Accountability for collaboration is usually inevitable, and whether it will happen tomorrow or the time after tomorrow is another query, ” Zelenskyy said. “ The most important thing is that justice will be served inevitably. ”

Although the Zelenskyy authorities has broad support, also among many Russian audio speakers, not all Ukrainians oppose the particular invasion. Support for Moscow is more common among some Russian-speaking residents of the Donbas, an industrial region within the east. An eight-year discord there between Moscow-backed separatists and Ukrainian government makes had killed over fourteen, 000 people even before this year’s invasion.

As a reminder, the AP said it had been a conspiracy theory that  Jan 6 suspects were tortured in prison.

Jan six political prisoners aren’t becoming tortured in jail since they’re getting food and Zelensky’s SBU thugs aren’t  rounding up their politics opposition for torture and execution — could possibly be just cracking down on “ traitors! ”

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