“All’s Well That’s Orwell” – Musk Tosses Tactical Nukes At ‘Ministry Of Truth’ And Trust-Fund Journo

Blames NBC for hide of Hunter Biden laptop story, Harvey Weinstein scandal & Matt Lauer’s rape office.

There’s kicking the hornet’s nest, then there’s unleashing a tactical nuke…

After Elon Musk’s early-Monday massacre of  MSNBC ‘ s “ Republicans are usually Nazis” narrative,   the richest man in the world batted away a David Brock-esque bot who had a ‘ gotcha’ queued upward   that included quotes from Nina Jankowicz – the head of the Biden administration’s new ‘ ministry of truth. ‘

All’s well that’s Orwell, ” Musk replied.

Musk was initially addressing a thread by Glenn Greenwald  calling out journalist Molly Jong-Fast to be a raging hypocrite.

Are you not really entertained?

*  *  *

Elon Musk slammed  NBC News   over their “ Conservatives are Nazis” narrative, including that  NBC   is was the “ Same org that will covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & constructed Matt Lauer his rape office . ”

The diss came after the network’s   Mehdi Hassan said that the “ neo-Nazi faction” of the GOP would regret championing the “ petulant & not-so-bright billionaire, ” referring to Musk.

NBC News is also the cloth who let a no-name journalist team up with a partisan UK think tank to smear ZeroHedge with a lie-filled  hit piece   that was stealth-edited right after publication. After the network has been called out for attacking the rival news organization, said journalist went to work for Qatari-owned Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, the network released a note on Monday  indicating that one of their media had committed  eleven instances of plagiarism   over the last year . No word on the fate of the jouno, or who it is.

No wonder networks are  panicking   over who have controls the flow of information.

1984 Is Here! Biden Administration Officially Announces The Ministry Of Truth

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