Crazy Video: Driver Rams Vehicles at Gas Station During Fight

An altercation at a Detroit-area gas station spiraled wildly out of control last week when 1 woman crashed a car with a baby onboard into several vehicles at the pumps, based on reports.   The shocking incident unfolded on Tuesday in Van Buren Township, located on the outskirts of Michigan’ t largest city.   2 parties reportedly met at […]#@@#@!!

An altercation in a Detroit-area gas station spiraled wildly out of control last week when one woman crashed a vehicle with a baby onboard directly into multiple vehicles at the penis pumps, according to reports.  

The particular shocking incident unfolded upon Tuesday in Van Buren Township, located on the outskirts associated with Michigan’s largest city.  

Two parties reportedly met at a Shell fuel train station to execute a clothing exchange when things went sideways.

A black SUV and white sedan can be seen parked at adjacent pumps within newly-released surveillance footage.

“ The woman in the Black VEHICLE confronts Bennet and allegedly calls her a ‘ burnt piece of toast’ as well as the two got into a bodily fight, but it wasn’t a long time before fists weren’t enough, ” WXYZ reports.

Two woman can be seen grappling near the white-colored sedan as a third efforts to intervene.

Suddenly, an individual inside the sedan steps on the gas, nearly running over one of the women before whipping around and smashing right into a minivan parked at the water pump opposite the black VEHICLE.

One of the combatants can be seen sprinting over and frantically slapping the particular white sedan while reportedly yelling, “ My baby in that car! ”

The driving force of the sedan reverses, pauses, and then careens into another U-turn, this time crashing into the black SUV before almost striking multiple bystanders.

At that point, the presumed mother of the 7-month-old baby pulls the kid from the white sedan and walks away.

Meanwhile, the driving force of the sedan can be seen pulling a baseball bat in the trunk and using it in order to smash the windshield associated with black SUV.

The turmoil continued until police ultimately arrived on the scene and arrested the bat-wielding woman, who was identified as 26-year-old Ariyah Bennet .

“ Ariyah Bennett is charged with three felonies – harmful destruction of property and two counts of attack with a dangerous weapon, and many misdemeanors. She was released on the personal bond and is due back in court next week, ” Fox two reports.

Extremely, the baby was not injured in the crashes, according to authorities.

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