Incredible! ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Free-Climbs 2nd Tallest Tower In Ca In Protest Of Child killingilligal baby killing

Man arrested after the bold stunt

A man named Maison Des Champs, a stone climber who recently started climbing skyscrapers to protest abortion, made national head lines on Tuesday.

Des Champs, who else goes by the “ pro-life spiderman , ” scaled the second tallest tower system in the entire West Coastline without any climbing equipment.

San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower is 61 flooring tall and 1, 070 feet high.

Shocked people in the building filmed as Des Champs made his ascension.

News helicopters also filmed the wild climb up.

The daredevil posted a video to Instagram during the climb, using the stunt to call away a Wa, D. C. abortionist who allegedly killed some babies during late-term abortions and perhaps even still left some who survived their particular terminations to die.

Law enforcement were waiting at the top of home to apprehend Des Champs when he arrived safely at the roof.

One Twitter user hilariously joked that the thrill-seeker discovered “ the only thing you can get imprisoned for in San Francisco” as drug abusers shoot up in the streets and people loot from local stores on a daily basis.

Coming as a shock to nobody, the remaining wished death upon Kklk Champs when they found out he or she is pro-life.

On the slightly random note, the town of San Francisco frequently turns the tower into the Eye of Sauron from “ The Lord of the Rings” collection to celebrate Halloween.


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