“Major Slave Owner Vibes”: ‘Regal’ Hillary’s Gown Attended To Simply by Black Masked Servant

Attend to my historical gown, peasant

Hillary Clinton drew critique Monday for turning up maskless at the Met Gala where her ‘ regal’ dress was attended to by a disguised black servant in what has seemingly become the norm on these kind of events.

Vareity described Clinton’s gown, which had ladies names sown into it, or even something, as ‘ Regal’:

The dress wasn’t what caught the eye of most though, rather it was the employed ‘ help’ masked plus making sure to attend to Clinton’s length train:

But she entrusted the gown from a prisoner. Huh? That just increases the slavey vibe.

Wait, isn’t very this a ‘ racist’ sign?

As we noted Monday , Anthony Fauci went to crowded pre parties for the White House Correspondent’s dinner, unmasked, and took selfies with the likes of Put on Lemon.

In the mean time, the help were all masked up:

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