Surprise Video: Illegal Drowns Attempting to Cross Rio Grande

Graphic footage captured illegal alien from Nicaragua drowning in Rio de janeiro Grande River while attempting unlawful entry.

Shocking footage out of South Texas shows the moment a good illegal alien from Nicaragua drowned in the middle of the Rio Grande River while trying an unlawful entry.

Video released by Fox News’ Bryan Llenas Monday shows a guy struggling to escape what appears to be a small whirlpool after trying to swim across an area of the Rio Grande underneath an international bridge in Eagle Complete.

The man’s friend, meanwhile, can be seen clutching a bridge support pillar amongst a strong current as individuals on the Mexican side from the river look on in horror.

The existing was reportedly strong as a result of nearby dam opening up to produce water.

Based on Llenas, the Texas National Guard was on picture, but they’re reportedly under orders not to perform water rescues after the recent passing away of Specialist Bishop Electronic. Evans, 22, from Arlington, Texas, who drowned after jumping in to the river in order to rescue two illegal aliens.

“ This particular happened in front of Mexican Authorities, the National Guard and dozens of witnesses, ” Llenas reported. “ No one went into the water to try to save the person. A guy on the Mexican part finally jumped in but it was too late. ”

“ The too much water took place about 50 back yards away from two US nationwide guardsmen and three of their rescue kayak boats. The particular National Guard Humvee which was on site by the river also had visible orange colored rescue floatation devices. A National Guardsman told me these were ordered not to perform any more water rescues in the Rio Grande River following the heartbreaking death” of Evans, reported Llenas.

Llenas said he was not able to confirm whether the Texas military, or the Texas governor’s office gave the order.

The drowning comes as a US District Court judge last week blocked the particular Biden administration from lifting Title 42,   the particular Trump-era Covid rule on immigration that allowed with regard to speedy deportations, pending a hearing on May thirteen.

Border Patrol officials and even  Democrat lawmakers   have warned ending Title 42 would lead to an influx of illegal aliens that threatens to whelm Border Patrol and DHS resources.

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