Alternative Explanation for Mysterious Gamma-Ray Signal From Galactic Middle Proposed by Scientists

One of the co-authors of a study pointed out that their whole effort merely identifies one other potential source of the indication in question and “does not necessarily throw any doubt” concerning the existence of the Galactic Heart Excess.

Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered a possible new explanation for a gamma-ray signal known as the Galactic Center Excess that emanates from the very centre of our galaxy, SciTechDaily reports.

As the media outlet explains, while the signal in question continues to be regarded by astronomers as a potential signature of dark matter, the new study – which also involved researchers from the Australian Defence Pressure Academy, University of Canterbury, and University of Tokyo – suggests that it may also end up being caused by millisecond pulsars – a type of rapidly rotating neutron star.

Connect Professor Roland Crocker, the co-author of the study, has explained that their work “ does not throw any doubt on the existence of the signal, but offers one more potential source”.

“ Scientists possess previously detected gamma-ray emissions from individual millisecond pulsars in the neighborhood of the solar system, so we know these items emit gamma-rays”, he developed. “ Our model illustrates that the integrated emission from your whole population of this kind of stars, around 100, 1000 in number, would cause a signal entirely compatible with your Galactic Center Excess”.

He in addition suggested that the results of their research “ point to another source of gamma-ray production”, like, for example , “ the gamma-ray signal from Andromeda, the subsequent closest large galaxy to our own may be mostly due to millisecond pulsars”.


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