Mike Rowe Says Truckers “Aren’t Buying Putin Price Hike” Spin As Diesel Strikes New High

Baltimore native Mike Rowe became famous as the Unclean Jobs jobs guy for the Discovery Channel. Now he’ s filming the second season of “ How The united states Works” on Fox Bussiness, showcasing the many individuals that work around the clock to keep the US economy humming.   During Monday’ s “ Fox plus Friends” show, Rowe sitting down with Steve Doocy […]#@@#@!!

Baltimore native Mike Rowe became famous as the Dirty Jobs jobs guy on the Discovery Channel. Now he’s filming the second season of “ How America Works” on Fox Bussiness, showcasing the numerous individuals that work around the clock to help keep the US economy humming.  

During Monday’s “ Fox plus Friends” show, Rowe sat down with Steve Doocy to discuss out-of-control inflation. He said the tuckers he or she knows aren’t buying the “ Putin Price Hike” story.  

As the national typical for  diesel costs at the pump jump to a record   a lot of $5. 32 a gallon, Rowe said truckers are sending him pictures plus videos of them filling up, spending more than a thousand dollars at any given time.  

“ I obtain video almost every day today from people who we featured on ‘ Dirty Jobs” and ‘ How America Works. ‘

“ Could possibly be just sending me video clips of them at the gas tube and some of them are filling 18-wheelers. And, I’m not really kidding you, $1, a hundred, $1, 200.

“ Most people, all we can think about is the price for us at a relatives terms know it’s lousy.  

“ When you place $1, 200 in your vehicle’s gas tank and just six months ago it had been costing you $600 or 700, the exponential actuality of it is starting to kitchen sink in. You just can’t walk that back. It variations every single thing that issues in this country. From foods production to transportation … all of it, ” Rowe described.  

Doocy then questioned: “ Are truckers buying the ‘ Putin Price Hike’? ”  

Rowe responded by stating, “ The ones I know aren’t… A guy said to me the other day, it’s like … falling down the stairs in slow motion. We’re watching it happen. It’s happening in real-time, and it’s not just diesel powered. It’s not just gasoline … ”  

He then explains that the rising cost of energy and fertilizer has resulted in higher meals prices.

“ But you have to talk about fertilizer too. … There’s no food without fertilizer in this country. The cost of fertilizer is hundreds, hundreds of % higher than it was. When you combine that with the cost of energy, the average person has now really gotten the memo, but not from the gas pump, from a restaurant, a steak. The cost of a steak is almost two times what it was six, seven a few months ago. ”  

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has launched an information war against the American individuals to persuade them President Putin was responsible for inflation.  

However ,   most people aren’t buying the Biden narrative . A new Rasmussen poll  revealed, “ 76% of Republicans believe Biden bears most responsibility for higher fuel prices, as do 24% of Democrats and 54% of voters not affiliated with either main party. ”

With a little more than six months to the midterm elections, the Biden administration has yet in order to convince the American individuals who Putin is responsible for the highest inflation in four decades —   this could prove  disastrous for Democrats arrive November .  

In March, the Quinnipiac University poll exposed that more Americans blame Biden than the Ukraine attack or corporate greed for your rise in fuel prices.  

Americans understand inflation was ripping higher well before the Ukraine turmoil. The Biden got eager last week by having the  Division of Homeland Security  announce   the particular creation of the  “ Disinformation Governance Board” to  control narratives   combat whatever it deems ‘ misinformation’ ahead of the midterm elections.  

And when did the vast majority of this particular inflation occur? Pre-Ukraine. Difficult to dispute that.  

Watch  Mike Rowe’s full interview here.  

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