Psychologically Ill Reactions To Roe v. Wade Caught Upon Camera

This really is only the beginning of the upcoming freakouts

Following the thought that the Supreme Court will probably soon overturn Roe sixth is v. Wade, liberal protesters hit the streets across the country to shriek and screech.

Leeroy Johnson of NYC taken a stereotypical leftist squawking at Foley Square because demonstrators with cutouts of the heads of Supreme Court Justices yelled at their camera.

This is exactly what “ protesting” looks like for individuals who cannot engage in a controversy.

Students going to a protest at the University or college of North Texas (UNT) debated with a conservative demonstrator, shouting that one student who have had their breasts operatively removed “ is a fucking man! ”

“ You are a female exactly who went and got your breasts chopped off, ” the conservative activist replied.

Later on in UNT, some same-sex students decided to kiss each other simply because they thought it would bother the pro-life crowd.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, the black man pleading using the pro-abortion crowd to “ have the baby” was faced with several people, but as they was black, other black liberals allowed him to interact in free speech.

“ White individuals should definitely not be touching your pet, ” one person said.

Breitbart was able to capture rare footage of Liberal activists with remnants associated with critical thinking skills intact.

A group of “ LGBT Democrats Standing Just for Life” explained why these people against abortion, saying the particular practice of terminating fetuses up to nine months old is “ abortion extremism. ”

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