As NBC Calls Elon Musk a Danger, Their News Director Was Busted Trying to Meet a Child for Sex

While referring to Elon Musk as a “Nazi” and calling him a danger to culture, one of NBC’s News Directors was busted allegedly endeavoring to meet a child for intercourse

It is no secret that Elon Musk is trembling up the established order. What seemingly started as a scam about buying Twitter has morphed into reality and the establishment left is in complete panic over the fact that they might soon have to defend their own ideas in the public world.

As a result of this panic, the mainstream media has taken to waging a massive smear campaign contrary to the eccentric billionaire. Over the weekend, CNN went into full meltdown since David Zurawik ranted about how exactly the establishment needs to keep control of the narrative that Musk threatens.

“ There’s a bigger issue here about how we’re going to control the channels of marketing communications in this country, ”   Zurawik tellingly mentioned, adding that Musk permitting free speech on a single social networking platform is “ harmful. ”

After CNN melted down and uncovered their true intentions of complete information control, the particular blowhards at NBC took to comparing Musk as well as other supporters of free speech in order to Nazism and far right fascism.

The idea that NBC is fear mongering more than Musk being able to fix polls by controlling the stream of information on Twitter is outright laughable given the fact that the entire Big Tech equipment, along with a large chunk from the US intelligence community conspired together in 2020 to do just that  with all the Hunter Biden story.

Burying the laptop story arguably thrown a large portion of votes toward Biden that may have otherwise gone to third parties or even Trump.

Actually, free speech is a danger to no one except for the individuals with hateful and not logical ideologies. As we have pointed out repeatedly, racists, woke cultists, plus staunch statists all hate free speech because nothing of their ideas hold up to being challenged in the open public sphere. In order to spread their own obstinance and hatred, they have to silence others from effortlessly exposing their philosophy as the garbage that it is.

Public discourse is what decreased racism and hatred through the years, not censorship. In fact , censorship has proven repeatedly to undertake the exact opposite by driving racists and extremists in to dark private spaces where their illogical and hateful ideas are shielded from your public sphere, allowing them to fester.

Anyone who believes discourse is dangerous is the real danger. What’s more, CNN and NBC both have an extended and dangerous track record — especially when it comes to sexual potential predators in their ranks. Last year, CNN  fired a top manufacturer   for exercising girls as young as 7 to be “ sexually submissive. ”

Let’s keep in mind that NBC not only has a history of sex abuse among their ranks but they also have a history of covering it up, as Musk conveniently mentioned this week.

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