ALL OF US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian Flagship Vessel: Officials Claim Bombshell Escalation

Less than twenty four hours after  The New York Periods issued a provocative report citing unnamed US authorities who are celebrating that American intelligence-sharing with Ukraine’ s i9000 military has helped  take out multiple Russian generals  since the Feb. 24 invasion, NBC Newsis out with another bombshell claim sourced to  the deep state  US intel officials.   Among what seems escalation after escalation, and new […]#@@#@!!

Less than 24 hours after  The New York Time s issued a provocative report citing unnamed US officials who are celebrating that will American intelligence-sharing with Ukraine’s military has helped  take out multiple Russian generals   since the Feb. 24 invasion, NBC Newsis out with yet another bombshell claim sourced to  the deep state   US intel officials.  

Amid what seems escalation after escalation, and new revelations of Washington’s deepening and perhaps increasingly direct role in fighting Russia in Ukraine, NBCbrings us  this doozy … “ Intelligence contributed by the U. S. helped  Ukraine  sink the Ruskies cruiser Moskva , U. S. officials told NBC News, confirming an American role in perhaps the most embarrassing blow to Vladimir Putin’s troubled invasion of Ukraine. ”

Once again of just how hugely substantial the claim is – and just how  dangerous   in terms of representing a massive escalation – the  Moskva   was considered the range topping of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, had 510 crewmen on board   prior to Neptune anti-cruise ship missiles scored a direct hit within mid-April, and was  the most embarrassing single blow to President Putin’s battle effort   from the whole conflict thus far. ‘

“ The attack happened after Ukrainian forces asked the People in america about a ship sailing in the Black Sea south of Odesa, U. S. authorities told NBC News, ” the report continues. “ The U. S. discovered it as the Moskva, officials said, and  helped confirm its location, and after that the Ukrainians targeted the particular ship . ” This comes after the NY Times  revealed in a report the night time prior that much of the intel-sharing is focused on Russian troop and equipment movements.

According to further information based on anonymous  ALL OF US senior officials :

The U. S. did not know in advance that Ukraine was going to target the Moskva , officials said, and was not involved in the decision to strike.   Maritime intelligence is shared with Ukraine to assist it defend against attack from Russian ships, officials additional.

The U. S. role in the sinking has not been earlier reported.

Biden admin officials in the days after the Moskva sinking had been relatively silent, possibly suggesting that they understood more about the details than what their quiet public stance let on.

The April 15 event had initially already been met with lack of solutions from Moscow as it attempted to deal with the crisis of its flagship missile cruiser going to the bottom of the Black Sea after it was strike off Odessa, and as it later said all the team were evacuated. However a few Ukrainian and Western authorities said the ship experienced casualties.

It goes without saying  this fresh NBC report is going to be viewed by Moscow as an outrageous acknowledged escalation by Washington, though  so far Russian leadership’s public response has been rather muted

The Kremlin had previously warned it will hold external countries supplying arms and other forms of support “ responsible” – and that “ decision-making” centers including Kiev would come under increased attack. Meanwhile, cruise missile strikes even as far west as Lviv do appear to be expanding this week.

Certainly it seems that these intentional “ leaks” to the media, probably as part of a deliberate technique of seeking to intimidate Russian federation in hopes it will more quickly back away its military operations, can instead only serve in order to ratchet things further as broader great power tensions hit boiling point.

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