Bill Gates Assembles UN-Run BACTERIA Team to Stop Next Pandemic

Gates and his minions are openly having a EL takeover of all medical techniques.

Globalist vaccine-pusher Costs Gates has unveiled their GERM team, a great medical agency he claims works with the UN-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics.

Outlining the Global Pandemic Response and Mobilization team in a recent video, Gates described how epidemiologists might identify outbreaks and notify WHO “ disease specialists, ” who would then contact government authorities and recommend best courses of action.

“ Governments and pharmaceutic companies will work together, fuse factories all over the world to get unprecedented scale of diagnostics and vaccines very quickly, ” Entrance explains, ignorant of the massive ineffectiveness of the Covid vaccines that failed to stop transmission, or prevent illness.

“ And we’re going have policy experts ensuring every country  has the correct approach, ” Gates additional in a YouTube video.

“ This team might keep their skills fresh, helping get rid of polio, eliminate malaria, get rid of measles along with other infectious diseases, ” Entrance described, evidently ignoring the particular polio outbreak in India that was held responsible on faulty Gates polio vaccines .

Gates shilled his BACTERIA Team in a TED Talk last month, selling it as one of the only ways to stop another Covid-like global outbreak.

In other words, Entrance is unveiling a digital medical tyranny run by a worldwide body of unelected medical “ experts” and bureaucrats who will tell you when you’re sick, and force you take those vaccines they prescribe.

Of course , Gates and his foundation were hugely instrumental in the recent vaccine reaction to the pandemic, and had prepared for it by conducting exercises like “ Event 201 , ” which usually simulated an “ out of control coronavirus outbreak” nearly 2 yrs before the Covid crisis.

Event 201’s message was that outbreaks ought to be handled by a combination of global governments, medical authorities and businesses who come together to build up vaccines and other therapeutics.

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