Financial World War: Who Advantages & How Much Time Can be Left?

All wars are banker wars. The only wars that are not, are usually wars of rebellion against the bankers. Globalists engineer battle because when you play each sides, you always finish up the winner. Beyond that, chaos is the ultimate recipe for advancing draconian agendas that the public would never enable to pass during peacetime.

I have been caution about an inevitable East vs . West economic war for many years now. The question has been never a matter of likelihood, it had been always just a matter of timing.

When would probably the most convenient time be to get World War III?

The issue of “ convenience” might sound odd, but I would like readers to remember one guideline: All wars are bank wars. The only wars that are not are wars associated with rebellion against the bankers.

There is nothing you cannot ultimately understand in terms of geopolitics if you accept the fact that international issues are generally engineered and are consistently designed to benefit a particular group of establishment power brokers plus financial elites. If you are among those people who assumes all of these events are merely “ random plus unfortunate coincidences” then you’ll stay in the dark for the rest of your life – and you will never grasp why terrible things are happening to you as the planet falls apart. You will go to an early grave because you were unprepared while still thinking you were the smartest person in the room.

In my article  Order out of Chaos: How the Ukraine Conflict Is Designed to Advantage Globalists , We outlined the many factors that will connect the Kremlin in order to globalist institutions like the Planet Economic Forum (WEF), the lender of International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), elitists like Holly Kissinger and international banking institutions like Goldman Sachs. The reality is, Russia has long been attached to globalist interests and this is not going to modify because of the war in Ukraine, just as it did not modify after Russia annexed Crimea.

China is, naturally , even worse when it comes to collusion along with globalist institutions. The nation built up trillions of dollars in debt because  this is a requirement   for signing up for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket associated with currencies. Yes, China went from being a nation associated with minimal debt to becoming trillions in the red just because the particular IMF demands “ liquidity” for a nation’s currency plus bond instruments to be considered viable for their global centralization initiative. This is not the behavior of a country that is anti-globalist.

I’m not going to carry on rehashing the facts surrounding far eastern nations and their attachments to the globalists here. I’ve already done that intended for well over a decade and honestly I grow tired of having to rehash the lessons that will brilliant researchers like Antony Sutton expertly addressed back before I was born. In the event that there’s a major war, then there are globalists behind this influencing both sides plus seeking to gain more power. If you haven’t figured this out there by now, then you never can.

Here Is What War Is Good For

Why engineer a war? Simple – whenever you play both sides of a chess game, you generally end up the winner. Past that, chaos is the best recipe for advancing draconian agendas that the public would not allow to pass during peacetime.

What I want to examine here instead may be the issue of timing and development; how is this enormous economic war going to play out and how long will it take to happen? Once we understand the stages, maybe we can brace for impact and consider actions to change the outcome.

The first step is to recognize that the ball is in the court of eastern countries and that their actions will dictate the pace of events.

The Economic Lesson The West Has Forgotten

True prosperity has nothing to do with money or debt creation; true wealth originates from resources, the means of production and labor. This is some thing the Marxists actually got right in their philosophy; the problem is that Marxists are only thinking about ways to steal labor, sources and production while producing the public think that such robbery is for their own good.

Eastern nations carry on and understand what real wealth is usually. You can have all the money in the planet but if you have no production base or resource development then you have nothing. It’s as simple as that. In case a nation has no resource advancement and no means of production, no printing press is going to conserve its economy.

The West has ruin much of its means of creation and has crippled the exploration of its own resources through false environmental concerns like “ carbon pollution. ” The particular East has not done this, at least not in a way that affects long term productivity. Therefore , the particular East is in the strongest position to survive a global economic conflict.

However the real key to the progression of an economic world battle is the combination of countries included and their trade agreements.

Russia plus China, for example , have been building bilateral trade meant to minimize the U. S. buck for many years. Russia is resource-rich, and China has the world’s largest manufacturing and foreign trade base. An alliance can make perfect economic sense, which is what has happened.

Only weeks prior to the invasion of Ukraine, The ussr signed a 30-year coal and oil contract with China worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This deal coincides with the building of a  major pipeline from Russia in order to China   which is completed by 2025.

India also made arrangements   for increased oil deliveries from Russia, and will pay out without the dollar (formerly the world’s sole petro-currency). In addition, the promise of reduce prices while the rest of the oil world is experiencing speedy inflation in energy prices is highly tempting for those purchasing oil, natural gas or coal from Russia.

The other nations of the BRICS bloc (Brazil, India, Tiongkok and South Africa) have all been highly active in trade with Russia in spite of western sanctions and the removal of Russian banks from the  SWIFT   international payments network. This is exactly what  I predicted would happen  many  years ago.

But how does this particular trading bloc affect the time frame of the world war?

An Economic War Has Economic Targets

It has been our belief that the real focus on of this war is not Russia or China, but the Oughout. S. dollar and the American economy. Yes, there will be far reaching financial consequences beyond the particular U. S., but the economy is the only economic climate that is completely reliant on our currency’s global reserve position.

A world battle using economic weapons and tactics is the worst type of battle we could fight because it is not just one we can win. The dollar’s global reserve status is certainly our Achilles heel. It is far from a strength, but a weakness. While all eyes are on the shooting war in Ukraine on the other side around the planet, very few realize that the worst damage is going to hit us right here at home.

The sanctions on Russian federation are only a part of the problem, because creating momentum towards a general decoupling from the dollar trade. The bigger issue is the BRICS nations (and their export/import partners) who will refuse to take sanctions because they are economically dependent on each other.

An example is the  latest announcement by Hungary   that they plan to decline any cuts to Ruskies oil and gas imports. Why? As this would cause an energy crisis in their country, one they couldn’t recover from. Many other countries are following this logic all over the world, and if NATO is going to continue pushing for economic isolation of Russia, then all those countries will invariably end using the dollar as their reserve currency.

Why, you might ask, does Russia’s economic isolation lead to the end of the dollar’s global reserve status? Here’s why: when the Biden administration and the European Union (EU) sanctioned Russia, they  also  halted Russia’s U. S. buck accounts and terminated Russia’s connection with the international obligations platform. The rest of the world watched the West financially terminate Russia, and this act associated with economic warfare revealed a nearly-unthinkable conclusion:   If they did it to The ussr, they could do it to all of us, to o.

Naturally, many nations will take measures to distance themselves from dependency upon US and western economic systems and currencies. Because Credit Suisse’s global mind of interest rate strategy  Zoltan Poszar told Bloomberg ‘s “ Odd Lots” show:

“ … wars tend to turn into major junctures for global currencies, and with Russia losing access to the foreign currency reserves, a message continues to be sent to all countries they can’t count on these cash stashes to actually be theirs in the event of tension. As such, it may make less and less sense with regard to global reserve managers to keep dollars for safety, given that they could be taken away right whenever they’re most needed. ”

To put it differently, the establishment elites in the US and Europe are producing the very conditions which will find yourself destroying the dollar.

The dollar’s standing is entirely dependent on trust and belief in its need. If demand for bucks wavers because of global sanctions, then all those trillions of greenbacks held in abroad banks will come flooding back into the U. S., shoving the nation deeper into stagflationary crisis. The globalists are perfectly aware that this will be the consequence. In fact , they’re counting on it.

Eight Years Until Dystopia?

The year 2030 is consistently mentioned by the United Nations, the IMF, the WEF and the rest of the cabal of globalist organizations as the end game time for their Great Reset agenda.

If a worldwide economic crisis is the catalyst because it appears to be, then several years will be required to let the collapse play out – along with the intro of a “ solution” towards the problem. This means that the financial war will have to accelerate quickly going into the next year.

Today we are already seeing 40 year heights in inflation, along with significant supply chain disruptions. Several globalist foundations are “ predicting” food shortages all over the world in the next 3-6 months. I believe the war itself will certainly expand rapidly within a year to include China, and most of the damage will be done by the end of 2024. This will all of the depend on how fast exporters (mainly China) dump the particular dollar; the dollar eliminate will be the primary trigger.

A significant part of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights global digital currency initiative require the end of the money as the world’s reserve currency. This is a process the globalists have been  speaking about openly   for a while. It’s not “ conspiracy theory, ” it is conspiracy reality. The IMF has contended on many occasions that this global currency framework must be  “ managed” by a centralized entity   that can prevent national governments from exploiting foreign currency trade for their own ends, and this  consists of digital currencies .

The stage is already set for this narrative. The U. S. will be painted as an example of why nationalism is a “ path to disaster” and why no single country should be trusted with so much power in the form of a world hold currency. That kind of power tempts governments not only in to excessive money creation plus debt-financed spending sprees. New money is fabricated to cover old debts, thus debasing and degrading the dollar’s purchasing power worldwide (also known as inflation).

Thus, it is only “ logical” that a global main authority with no national loyalties be put in control of an “ international” reserve currency, correct? Maybe a multi-currency-based basket program, or, perhaps, a single world currency to prevent any long term tragedies and abuses of power from ever taking place again. Wouldn’t that make you are feeling safe?

Don’t Be fooled. It’s A Finish Con.

World war, whether financial or kinetic, and the dying of the dollar as the worldwide reserve currency is a perfect excuse for the “ rational” intro of a global financial oligarchy.

And, as opposed to its predecessors, this ruling council would operate correct out in the daylight for everyone to see, not in the shadows deep in the bowels of central banking cartels. Their authority would be “ recognized, ” and their control established as necessary, even vital for world stability.

This is the same that has happened after every major war or world war; the argument is created that national sovereignty was the cause and that nation claims should not exist because when people are left to organize into groups they might form differing ideas on how to live, and differing ideas cause discord.

After World War I, they presented the League of Countries. After World War II, they established the UN and the IMF. And, after today’s economic World War III, they will try to implement a program to get a one world currency plus global economic governance.

Globalists claim it is best for there to be no sovereignty, no groups with no differing ideas. “ We need one homogeneous global collective with a single hive mind, ” goes the argument, “ so that no issue ever happens. ” Of course , they get to have their very own group, and that group intends to garner all the advantages of the crisis and the energy that will be derived from the anxiety.

With that caution, I leave you with a estimate from globalist and Council on Foreign Relations member  Richard Gardner, released in  Foreign Matters   magazine   in 1974, which I think drives home the fact of the people we are dealing with:

“ In short, the “ home of world order” will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will eventually look like a great “ booming, buzzing confusion, ” to use William James’ famous explanation of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish a lot more than the old-fashioned frontal attack. ”


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