Survey: CDC Spied On Us citizens To See If They Were Complying With Lockdowns

CDC lauded the data for “hourly monitoring of activity in curfew zones or comprehensive counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring. “

A written report by Vice News details how the CDC purchased monitoring data for millions of Americans’ mobile phones with an intention associated with monitoring their movements to find out if they were complying along with lockdowns, curfews and vacation restrictions during the COVID outbreak.

The reports states that the CDC paid $420, 000 for one year of data from the company called SafeGraph, which usually links up with app developers to harvest location data from people’s phones. When folks download the apps for their devices, they are asked to accept terms that include sharing location data.

The company, which is linked to a former mind of Saudi intelligence, has since been banned in the Google Play Store for violating its T& Cs on data collection.

The documents acquired by Vice state that the particular procurement request for the data from the CDC was labelled as an “ URGENT COVID-19” demand and should be given priority.

The documents describe several “ potential CDC use cases for data, ” specifically listing “ the effect of large-scale anti-contagion policies on the COVID-19 pandemic, ” “ Examination of COVID-19 vaccination rates, mobility, … at the county or sub-county level (this could also be applies to flu and mask use), ” and “ examination of the correlation of flexibility patterns data and rise in COVID-19 cases”.

A CDC document acquired by Vice admits that this data “ has been crucial for ongoing response efforts, for example hourly monitoring of action in curfew zones or even detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies meant for vaccine monitoring. ”

Another section notes that “ CDC offers interest in continued access to this particular mobility data as the country opens back up. This data is used by several teams/groups in the response and have already been resulting in deeper insights into the pandemic as it pertains to human behaviour. ”

It really is believed that at least 20 million active cellphone customers per day in the US had data harvested by the process.

SafeGraph has also been accused of selling location information of visitors to abortion centers, which the company this week announced it will halt .

As we previously noted , reports revealed that Government spies in the UK had been monitoring the movement of British people minute by minute to check if they were complying with government limitations.

The London Telegraph   (Paywall) reported in late 2020 that spies from Britain’s most secretive intelligence and security organisation, Government Communications Headquarters, had embedded a ‘ cell’ within Amount 10 Downing Street to be able to provide Prime Minister Boris Johnson with real time info pertaining to the public’s actions.

The Daily Mail   also reported on the growth, noting that GCHQ, normally tasked with spying on terrorists and foreign capabilities, was turned on the British public to gauge whether or not people were following the COVID ‘ rules’ or not.

The report noted that as well as tracking the motion of people, the spies were collecting information on “ web searches for holidays and work opportunities. ”

The particular spy agency was also working to combat  ‘ anti-vaccination conspiracy theories’ being distribute on social media, in relation to the pandemic.

Speaking  anonymously to the London Times , a source mentioned that “ GCHQ continues to be told to take out antivaxers on the web and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda. ”

GCHQ offers previously been embroiled within controversy where spying on the public is concerned, as it had been revealed in 2013 simply by former NSA contractor Edward cullen Snowden, that the agency was  scouring all online and telephone data in the UK using a program code named  ‘ Tempora’.

In addition , In January 2021, British Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt called for the government to use GPS tracking technology to make sure Brits were complying along with COVID quarantine measures.

As we also  previously highlighted , the YouGov poll asked Brits if they supported, “ The Government in [country name] using the mobile phone data of individuals to ensure they are complying along with restrictions on movement outside the home during a lockdown. ”

45% backed the idea compared to 42% which opposed it.

Another idea was to force Brits to  take daily selfies   that were cross referenced with GPS data and facial recognition software to ensure they didn’t leave home.

The policies had been compared to those of the Chinese language government, which reportedly forced some  residents to scan a authorities tracking app before being allowed to re-enter their own homes.

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