UK Train Worker Sues After Being Fired For Asking “White Privilege” Training

Made comments during private conversation with his wife.

A train worker is definitely suing a company who fired him for questioning “ white privilege” diversity education during a conversation with his wife.

60-year-old Simon Isherwood, who works as a train conductor, was fired by West Midlands Locomotives for gross misconduct.

“ After the diversity training held in March 2021, Isherwood forgot his microphone was still on and, speaking to his wife, some colleagues heard him questioning white privilege, ” reports Reclaim the Net . “ He or she was then reported by colleagues who were “ angered” by the comments. ”

“ I couldn’t be arsed because I believed, ‘ you know what, I’ll proper fucking angry, ‘” Isherwood reportedly told his wife in a conversation captured on the hot mic.

“ You know what I really wished to ask? … and I desire I had, do they have black privilege in other countries? So , in case you are in Ghana? … ” Isherwood added.

Unaware that his microphone was still on, Isherwood complained that the company was “ indoctrinating their views” that “ implied most white people are racist – but I’m not. ”

Isherwood had been suspended and then fired after an internal probe found which he “ caused offense, introduced the company into disrepute plus breached our Equality, Variety and Inclusion Policy and the Code of Conduct. ”

The former teach conductor took his case to an employment tribunal where he hopes to win because of unfair dismissal.

“ I am completely stunned, I was at home in my personal time talking to my wife, it had been a private conversation. I had no clue anyone was listening to me, ” said Isherwood.

“ I’ve lost my job, my earnings, my reputation, my health is absolutely shot to pieces. I’d worked there designed for 11 and a half years and not had anything but promotion, compliment and awards and even now I can’t believe it. ”

“ Most of I was trying to do had been understand the subject better – we had been asked to think about questions so I did precisely what I was asked to do. We said Ghana because it can something I always used to discuss with one of my colleagues, who is from Ghana and supported me, ” this individual added.

Isherwood is now seeking compensation pertaining to his “ unfair, unreasonable and unlawful” dismissal, saying that the real reason he or she was fired was down to “ WMT’s fear of facing allegations from colleagues about my conduct. ”

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