Zelensky Critic Arrested in Spain on Orders of Ukrainian Government

Despite the fact that he condemned Russia’s intrusion.

A popular YouTuber plus critic of President Zelensky was arrested in Spain at the behest of the Ukrainian govt on charges of treason and faces extradition, regardless of publicly condemning Russia’s attack of Ukraine.

Yes, really.

Anatoly Shariy, who has almost 3 million YouTuber subscribers, was detained with an international arrest warrant within a joint operation by Spanish and Ukrainian police, as well as international “ partners, ” according to the Ukrainian Security Company (SBU).

These people claim that Shariy has been acting on behalf of “ foreign” forces by infringing Ukraine’s national security via their media commentary on the war and engaging in “ incitement of hatred. ”

Shariy’s arrest “ is more proof that every traitor of Ukraine will eventually receive his well-deserved abuse. It is inevitable, ” the particular SBU asserted.

The blogger had formerly been granted asylum by the EU in 2012 after running persecution by the government of Viktor Yanukovich, who was pro-Russian.

Despite condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Shariy’s criticism of Zelensky’s response was apparently enough for him to be targeted by Ukrainian authorities.

Having had his passport seized, Shariy is now in Barcelona under a travel prohibit until a decision on his extradition to Ukraine is made. Leader Zelensky’s representative at the Constitutional Court said Shariy may “ face a Ukrainian court and will be held responsible in line with Ukrainian laws. ”

In response to his arrest, Shariy posted a picture of his wife feeding parrots in Barcelona, activities, “ This really is a humor. ”

Shariy’s arrest once again puts to bed the idea that Ukraine will be some kind of beacon of democracy, when its authorities deal with dissidents exactly the same way dissidents are treated in Russia.

Last month, footage was released of Connected Press accompanying armed males from the Ukraine Security Provider as they kidnapped and arrested dissidents from their own houses.

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