‘Where Am I Heading? ’ Confused Joe Biden ‘Gets Lost’ in Room Full of Individuals

Comes on the high heel sandals of several several mistakes and weird gestures, such as shaking hands with nothing (again) and saying the particular tobacco industry should not be “immune to prostitution. “

Over the past weeks, the united states president made several mistakes and weird gestures, trembling hands with thin air (again), calling the Mexican first lady a president, and saying the tobacco market should not be “ immune to prostitution”.

It looks like Joe Biden is in trouble again and needs some help: this time, the US president got lost in a room full of people during his visit to the manufacturing facility in Ohio. In the short clip, Biden can be seen very confused as he appears around and asks “ where am I heading” before being given directions as to where to pose for the group photo.

The netizens mocked Biden, recalling his  latest gaffes   and strange gestures, and recommended some destinations where, based on them, POTUS could be likely to. Some even expressed concern over his behaviour.

The Obama Revolution

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