Veganism to Blame? Joe Rogan & Others Suggest World Champ Boxer Lost Title Fight Due To New Diet

Ditching meat could have price Canelo Alvarez his belt

Boxing Light-Heavyweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez lost his belt to challenger Dmitry Bivol on Saturday about what is being labeled a “ surprising loss. ”

Following the astonishing defeat, UFC commentator and top podcast host Joe Rogan posted to Instagram suggesting Alvarez’s diet may have played a role in the reduction.

In his Instagram story, Rogan commented on the quote from Alvarez where he said he adopted a vegan diet during their training for the fight.

Alvarez had mentioned, “ I feel very good, my figure has adapted very well, Personally i think strong, my stomach is very good, I highly recommend this. ”

In response, Rogan wrote, “ That worked good, ” in addition to a facepalm emoji.

Popular weightlifter and author of “ The Carnivore Diet”, Dr . Shawn Baker, posted a video on social media displaying an April headline announcing Alvarez had gone vegan before comparing it with an additional headline detailing his reduction.

“ Veganized” the caption read on a photograph of Alvarez being punched in the face.

For years now, Dr . Baker has been exposing the demise of athletes once they adopt veganism.

NFL quarterback Cam Newton has been scrutinized for his vegan diet, which likely played a role in his injuries history and hurts his injury recuperation time.

Dr . Baker shared their opinion on the Alvarez diet plan change and his stunning name fight loss, saying, “ He was not as quick, he lost power, this individual lost endurance and appeared as if a completely different fighter… This likely has a lot related to diet. ”

Twitter users dragged Alvarez for going vegan before losing their first fight in 9 years.

Next time you read about an athlete heading vegan, perhaps you should consider placing a bet towards them.

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