BREAKING: Alex Jones Exposes The True History of ‘Q’

‘We dropped the country because of Q, ‘ Jones shouted.

Alex Jones went off on a QAnon tirade during Monday’s transmission after a caller questioned him to name the person or people behind the private figure.

Initially, Jones explained, Queen was a group of patriots in government and intelligence anonymously began releasing information on-line that was “ too incredibly hot to handle” to “ energize the grassroots. ”

Jones mentioned Deep State actors turn off the original Q operation in just a month and that from then on QAnon has been compromised and used against the real truth motion.

At one point, Jones suggested General Michael Flynn “ come out and say he’s Q” to “ shut up all the disinfo people and make Queen good, ” and genuine.

Flynn understood Q was too nebulous and did not want to be attached to the information put out by the disinformation agents posing as the private figure.

“ We lost the country due to Q, ” Jones yelled. “ The damn Q people were the ones that manipulated some people to go into the capitol and worked with the feds. Queen is the worst people on Earth at the top. Q is the ” new world ” Order. Q is a PSYOP to lead us close to by our noses. ”

While Infowars exposes the global elite with official documents, a portion associated with Americans would still rather listen to a “ magic, made-up, Puff the Magic Dragon Q thing. ”

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