BUCHANAN: Is Ukraine’s War Today America’s War?

By bragging publicly that we helped engineer the killing of Russian generals and the sinking from the cruiser Moskva, we taunt Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last week, sources leaked to The Ny Times that, in Ukraine’s targeting and killing of Russian generals and the settling of Russia’s Black Ocean flagship, the Moskva, Oughout. S. intelligence played an indispensable role.

Apparently, our intel people identified and located for your Ukrainian forces what became the targets of their fatal attacks.

Exactly why U. S. intelligence might do this seems inexplicable.

By claiming credit for Ukraine’s most visible military successes, we reduce the achievements of that state’s own forces.

By bragging publicly that we helped engineer the killing of Russian generals as well as the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, we taunt Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. We provoke him into retaliating in kind against us, therefore raising the possibility of a wider U. S. -Russia battle that could escalate into Planet War III.

Moreover, U. S. boasting like this plays right into Putin’s narrative that Russia is certainly facing and fighting in Ukraine a U. H. -led alliance that is out to crush Russia.

Indeed, why are we heading beyond assistance to the Ukrainians in defending themselves, in to making this American’s war?

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Poland following her visit to Kyiv, she virtually embraced the idea of the Ukraine-Russia war as today being America’s war, proclaiming, “ America stands along with Ukraine. We stand along with Ukraine until victory can be won. ”

Accompanying Pelosi to Kyiv was a delegation of Home Democrats, one of whom, Rep. Jason Crow of Co, echoed Pelosi in Belgium:

“ The United States of America is in this particular to win. ”

Their visit implemented that of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who came out of Kyiv and declared the Oughout. S. strategic goals within Ukraine’s war:

“ We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kind of matters it has done in invading Ukraine. ”

These types of statements by U. Ersus. leaders reinforce Putin’s collection that Russia is trapped by a U. S. -led Western alliance that worries and detests Mother Russia and wishes to see her defeated and diminished.

Our enemies in the West who seek to destroy Russia are like those all of us fought in the Great Devoted War of 1941-1945, Putin now claims. And intervention in Ukraine was essential to prevent today’s neo-Nazis from dragging Ukraine into their bigger conspiracy to destroy Russia.

Consider Putin’s words of a week ago:

“ The forces that have always pursued a policy of containing The ussr … do not want such a huge and independent country that is too big for their concepts … They believe it endangers them simply by the fact of its existence, although this really is far from reality. It is they will who endanger the world. ”

We are resented for who and what we are, says Putin. And our military operation is an action of legitimate self-defense against the same kind of “ Nazi filth” we fought within the Great Patriotic War.

Russian Foreign Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Sergey Lavrov describes the particular recent surge in weighty Western weapons shipments in order to Ukraine as “ NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION … going to war with Russia through a proxy plus arming that proxy. ”

By trimming Republicans out of her abordnung to Kyiv, Pelosi seems to want to make the war not only America’s war, but her party’s cause.

That seems to be a motive as well behind Biden’s consciously exceeding any Western head in the language he utilizes on Putin, calling your pet a “ killer, ” a “ murderous master, ” a “ genuine thug, ” a “ butcher, ” a “ war criminal, ” doing “ genocide, ” who seem to “ for God’s sake … cannot remain in strength. ”

This kind of language is designed to showcase Biden as the world’s leading anti-Putinist and the most morally very angry of all the world’s leaders at what Russia is doing within Ukraine.

However again, like the public boasting of U. S. intel agents over our role in the sinking of the Moskva and killing of the Ruskies generals, the effect is to disqualify the U. S. leader from any role within negotiating a truce or even an end to this war.

How do we benefit from having no leader-to-leader communication with the Kremlin, which Leader John F. Kennedy retained in the Cuban missile crisis to end it?

NATO Europe, which is assisting the Ukrainian resistance, is not really on board with the U. H. plans to cripple Russian federation permanently.

The united states needs to recognize that our goals in this war are not the same as Ukraine’s.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy would like to possess the U. S. plunge within and fight alongside Kyiv, devastate and defeat the particular Russian army, and expel Russia not only from the areas invaded this year but also through Crimea, which Putin annexed in 2014.

America’s vital interests in this particular war, however , are to prevent it from becoming a Oughout. S. -Russia war or even a third world war or a nuclear war.

The particular U. S. goal associated with imposing a crushing beat of Russian aggression is secondary to our far more important interest in avoiding a U. S. -Russia war.

America’s interests are best served by an early and negotiated peace. Such a objective rules out imposing embarrassing terms on Russia, which cause Moscow and Putin to escalate militarily — to survive politically.


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