Flashback: Pa. US Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Discusses Being Born to Victim of Rape

‘The trauma has already been inflicted…. Aborting me would not have reduced a trauma that my mom suffered… ‘

Pennsylvania United states senate candidate Kathy Barnette (R) sat down with pro-life organization Reside Action to describe why she’s grateful her mother rejected abortion when she was raped when justin was 11.

The US Army veteran carried out the interview alongside her mother in February 2020, two years before she made a splash on the national stage with a powerful performance during the 2022 Republican main debate.

“ As a child, I knew simply no different. I was loved, plus I  felt   loved. It gave me a greater appreciation for our mother, ” she mentioned in the interview. “ This helped me to forgive a lot of the mistakes someone at that age, having gone through this kind of trauma, would have made in their own parenting. But it definitely made me become very amount of about the sanctity of existence, of all life, regardless of their particular conception…. My life has purpose. ”

Within the interview, Barnette expressed gratefulness that her mother didn’t choose to abort her, and argued babies conceived of rape deserve an equal right to life as other infants.

“ Regardless of… how the child had been conceived, that child warrants a chance. And if I had produced that choice, where might I be right now without my daughter? ” her mother said.

“ The trauma had been inflicted…. Aborting me may not have eased a trauma that will my mother suffered. Aborting me would not have permitted me to be in a place today where I can now take care of my mother, ” Barnette added.

Barnette’s testimonial is important to revisit as the Supreme Court weighs in at ending Roe v. Wade federal abortion protections.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia seems to have taken down a page dedicated to Barnette on Tuesday, just one week before the Pennsylvania principal election on May 17.

That is Kathy Barnette?

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