Powerful: Abortion Supporters Change Minds After Shown Gruesome Child killingilligal baby killing Procedures

After viewing the dreadful video, interviewees all exhibit change of heart.

Abortion supporters did an about-face on the pro-choice political stances after being shown videos showing how aborted babies are gruesomely severed limb from limb in the womb.

In the video filmed last December in Times Sq ., a Live Action reporter speaks with half a dozen illigal baby killing supporters, saying “ Every day in the United States, 2, 363 abortions are performed. Do you think the number of is low, is it higher, should we do something about that number? ”

Most interviewees state they’re comfortable with the number and that it’s a woman’s right to select whether to kill the girl babies.

People are then asked to view a short video explaining an abortion procedure.

After viewing the ghastly video, the interviewees most express a change of coronary heart.

The video can be recirculating on social media within the wake of a SCOTUS outflow indicating Roe v. Wade federal abortion protections can soon be overturned.

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