Real Insurrection: Chicago Mayor Urges ‘Call To Arms’ Over Supreme Court

‘We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to triumph! ‘ she wrote upon Twitter.

Chi town Mayor Lori Lightfoot offers issued a  “ contact to arms”   according to a leaked ruling from the Supreme Court which would overturn  Roe v. Sort , implying that the USSC would come for ‘ LGBTQ+’ rights next.

“ To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community— the particular Supreme Court is arriving for us next. This second has to be a call in order to arms, ” she published in a Monday tweet, including “ We will not really surrender our rights without a fight— a fight to victory!

So – citizens arming up to protect themselves against gun-toting thugs in murderous Chicago:   Bad .

LGBTQ+ citizens arming themselves contrary to the Supreme Court over within an actual insurrection:   Good

“ If this isn’t a contact to insurrection, what is? ” tweeted Texas Scorecard publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan.

“ A person would think she’d be more concerned with her crime riddled city but here she is gaslighting & inciting, ” published conservative pundit Rita Panahi, while pundit Matt Walsh wrote “ Unsatisfied with the murders just in her own city, Mayor Lightfoot calls for more violence across the country . ” ( h/t  Fox News )

As  Jonathan Turley   notes:

The Lightfoot comments only highlight the double regular applied by Democrats over free speech. Whether it is “ disinformation” or violent presentation, the Democrats have usually excluded themselves from this kind of standards. What is insurrectionary vocabulary for some is advocacy vocabulary for others. The alternative is to “ fight like hell” at no cost speech… for everyone.

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