Watch: Forensic Engineer Destroys Face mask Mandates Citing Science

EES Group, Inc President Stephen Petty breaks down why masks do not work to stop Coronavirus nanoparticles.

Stephen Petty, the owner plus operator of a forensic engineering company, eloquently broke down why masks, and thereby mask mandates, don’t work.

During a 15-minute presentation before the New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee in March, Petty – a certified industrial hygienist, certified safety professional, and professional engineer with forty five years of experience in the field – explained there was never any control group testing to verify masks actually do function (they don’t).

Additionally , Mr. Petty highlights Covid particles are microscopic and 500 to 1, 500 times smaller than can be seen with the human eye, making aerosol particles impossible to stop through entering even the smallest spaces in masks.

Mr. Petty’s entire display is incredibly informative and definitely worth a watch, as he lies waste to the CDC’s entire basis for imposing mask mandates in the first place.

H/t: Steve Kirsch

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