Bayer Shares Tumble as Whitened House Urges SCOTUS in order to Reject ‘Roundup’ Appeal

Suit claims Roundup weedkiller causes cancer

Shares of Bayer, the German pharmaceutical giant, are usually tumbling in premarket trading after the Biden Administration inquired the Supreme Court in order to reject the company’s appeal of a California lawsuit which discovered that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer.

Bayer shares tumbled more than 7% on the news, which usually Citi analysts including Philip Verdult described as a  “ clearing event”,   similar to Genmab shares after Darzalex arbitration went against the corporation in April.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, who represents the Biden Administration before the high court, said in a court filing that Bayer’s appeal must be rejected.

Bayer shares on Wednesday plunged 6. 3%, a loss of about € 3. seven billion euros, or nearly $3. 9 billion, in market value, to their lowest in seven weeks as traders bet against the likelihood of the appeal being heard. The company’s shares are still up over 20% this year.

According to  Reuters , Bayer has contended that the cancer claims over Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate go against the science, and also the product clearance from the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. The agency has maintained guidance that glyphosate is just not carcinogenic and not a risk to public health when used as indicated at the label.

“ In terms of a positive final outcome for Bayer, this decreases the likelihood of the Supreme Court deciding to hear the case and subsequently ruling in the favor, ” said Jefferies analyst Charlie Bentley.

Morgan Stanley analyst Vincent Andrews mentioned that Bayer shares will likely respond negatively as the marketplace was expecting that the ALL OF US solicitor general would recommend a review of the case.

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