British people facing ‘real food poverty’, supermarket giant warns

Tesco’s boss says people in the united kingdom are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis

The chairman of main British supermarket Tesco, Sara Allan, said that many in the nation are struggling with the escalating costs of food and fuel due to inflation, as quoted by The Times on Wednesday .

“ I was in some [Tesco] stores on Friday and I was hearing for the first time for many years of customers saying to checkout staff ‘ Stop when you get to £ 40, I don’t want to spend a penny over that’, ”   Allan said.

“ I think that many of them are struggling to each be able to heat their homes and to feed their families, ”   he ongoing.   “ And i believe we’re seeing, you know, genuine food poverty for the first time inside a generation. ”

The Tesco boss expressed hopes that the authorities would step in to reduce the strain on those struggling to make ends meet. Allan suggested that this government could reverse training course on a planned payroll tax hike. He also called to get reforming rates relief, saying many smaller shops experienced going out of business as customers cut back on spending.

This month, the Bank of England issued a serious warning, saying that Britons might suffer a  “ historic”   surprise to their incomes as it desires the record-high inflation to carry on rising. The central financial institution also said that the cost-of-living crisis could plunge the economy into recession this season.

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