Criminal offense Victim Canceled For Apparently ‘Uttering Racial Slur’ After Getting Robbed in La by ‘Gang Who Fled in Rolls Royce’

The real story according to the media would be that the victim allegedly made a good insensitive racial comment explaining his attackers.

A British man within Los Angeles was robbed together with his girlfriend of their two watches worth a combined $20, 000 by a gang exactly who fled in a Rolls Royce but the real story based on the media is that the emotional target allegedly made an insensitive racial comment describing his attackers after the incident.

From  The Daily Mail, “ Moment ‘ drunk’ Uk Lamborghini owner screams ‘ black b***ards’ as UNA cops and girlfriend attempt to calm him down after couple were robbed associated with two watches, including $19, 000 Rolex, by gang who fled in Rolls Royce” :

A British Lamborghini owner was filmed shouting ‘ black b*****ds’ after he and his girlfriend had been robbed of two timepieces including a $19, 000 Rolex by a gang who have fled in a Rolls Royce.

The mysterious man, who is believed to be intoxicated, repeatedly screamed the slander as cops and his girlfriend tried to calm him straight down following the robbery in Western Hollywood Monday morning.

His Rolex and her Michael Kors watch were both snatched with the six man gang, who also subsequently fled the picture in a car that was even fancier than their $300, 000 Lamborghini Auris.

Video obtained by DailyMail. com shows the shirtless man with brown hair and a trimmed beard being pulled into the back of the Los Angeles Police Department automobile as his girlfriend, within a beige dress and sandals, spoke to police.

Throughout the video, the person could be heard screaming – apparently using the ‘ n word’ at one stage and referring to thieves that got away with his great girlfriend’s expensive watches because ‘ black b*****ds. ‘

According to the Daily Mail, the sufferer was arrested by police, allegedly for “ declining to cooperate with government bodies investigating the theft. ”

It’s not obvious whether that’s true delete word. KTLA 5 said the man was detained because law enforcement “ didn’t know that the victims were. ”

They failed to say he was arrested.

Unlike the Daily Mail,   KTLA 5   had the decency never to headline the alleged racial comments the victim made after allegedly being robbed by a gang of Rolls Royce driving thugs.

Canceling crime sufferers for having politically incorrect responses to being victimized is a trend now in the New America™.

Earlier this year, a Louisiana judge  was pressured into resigning for uttering a ethnic slur in the privacy of her own home after getting targeted in a failed burglary.

The record BLM crime influx we’re going through is much less newsworthy in the eyes of our own media controllers than a white-colored crime victim allegedly uttering a racial comment  after getting victimized.

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