Satanists to Argue in Court Submitting That Abortion is a ‘Satanic Ritual’

The Satanic Forehead believes First Amendment should allow them to murder infants.

Satanists seething over the Supreme Court’s potential overturn of Roe v. Wade will refer to abortion as a “ Satanic” practice in an upcoming court submitting.

In an insane message from The Satanic Temple (TST) last Thursday night, Lucifer-worshipping leftists say they are going to use religious freedom quarrels in efforts to preserve their own members’ rights to homicide babies.

“ In states that outlaw illigal baby killing but grant exceptions meant for instances of incest and rape, then consistent with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia , TST members should be permitted a spiritual exception to perform TST’s spiritual abortion ritual, ” the particular Temple wrote in a statement.

The Brow also claimed it would keep on fighting for speedy child killingilligal baby killing access in states where it’s legal, and that they would certainly also demand patients not have to get required to bury their aborted fetus.

“ In addition , we will continue to demand that states do not require medical practitioners to withhold healthcare information or that patients are not forced to bury or cremate fetal remains, ” the Temple bizarrely had written.

The declaration added that The Temple “ is researching the possibility of creating religious abortion facilities. ”

If ever there is a question whether abortion is usually Satanic, evil, or demonic – here’s your answer.

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