Treasury’s Janet Yellen: Reducing Abortions Would Have ‘Very Damaging Results On The Economy’

Aborting babies is good for the economy.

Aborting babies is good for the economy, so says Treasury Admin Janet Yellen.


FRANK MENENDEZ: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Madam Secretary, welcome. I want to talk to you about several things that also can affect our own economy, the ability to have full control over one’s reproductive wellness has real-world economic implications.   According to the Start for Women’s Policy Study, current state-level abortion restrictions already cost the United States regarding $105 billion annually because of reduced earning levels, increased job turnover, and period off for women.   So Secretary Yellen, when the draft of the court’s majority holding in Roe versus Wade is the actual choice, what impact will losing abortion access mean economically for women?

JANET YELLEN: Well,   I believe that eliminating the best of women to make decisions about when and whether to get children would have very harmful effects on the economy plus would set women back again decades. Roe v. Wade and access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, helped lead to increased labor force participation.   It enabled lots of women to finish school. That increased their earning potential. This allowed women to plan and balance their families and careers.

There was no mention of what collapsing birth rates indicate for our economy, nor our own survival.

Abortions keep women at their tables crunching numbers here and today and that’s all that matters.

Amazon and a large number of other megacorporations announced last week that  they’ll protect thousands of dollars in expenses to assist their employees get abortions   if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Babies must be sacrificed so our economic climate can thrive.

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