Undercover Journo Infiates British Far-Right, Gets Violently Attacked simply by Far-Left After Just 10 Minutes of Leafleting

“Listen! I am just an undercover journalist! I’m an undercover journalist! inch

An undercover journalist with Station 4 taking part in a documentary infiating the “ far-right” in Britain ended up getting attacked by masked far-left extremists after just 10 minutes of leafleting while undercover in Rotherham.

The scene was hilariously included in the show “ The Enemy Within: The particular Far Right: Dispatches, ” which focuses on the  Patriotic Alternative   party in Britain.

Patriotic Alternative identifies themselves as “ a community building and activism group” which aims to “ raise awareness of issues like the demographic decline of indigenous Britons in the United Kingdom, the environmental effect of mass immigration and the indoctrination and political bias taking place in British schools. ”

The particular 25 minute documentary produced by Hardcash Productions was aired on Monday.


While being attacked, the undercover journo could be heard pleading for mercy from his masked attacker and shouting, “ Listen! I’m an undercover journalist! I’m a good undercover journalist! ”

The journo said the attackers came out of nowhere fast “ and just started f***ing lamping us, just hitting us … we’ve only been doing this like a couple of minutes here! ”

He said shouting that he’s an undercover journalist was the only thing he could think to say to stop the particular assailant “ from punching him in the face. ”

If you watched just the documentary’s intro, you’d be resulted in believe it was Patriotic Choice who carried out the attack.

While they will played footage from the attack, the narrator could be noticed describing the show simply by saying that in this episode “ we infiate a growing movement that’s sparking clashes in the streets. ”

The “ clash” has been sparked by left-wing extremists attacking them for leafleting.

I must say I’m surprised Channel 4 included the embarrassing scene in their show.

In another embarrassing scene, the documentary shows exactly how one member of Patriot Choice had a photograph taken in earlier times with members of the prohibited far-right group National Action. One of the far-right figures is visible sporting the logo of  the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi team   which  the British government is currently arming to the teeth with billions of dollars in great weaponry   in order to fight Russia.

PICTURED: The “ far-right” man second from the still left can be seen sporting a clothing with the logo of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which the Uk government is actively arming to the teeth with billions in high-tech weaponry.

Patriotic Option released a statement in response to the documentary  on the website . They said they offered to do full recorded interviews to address all the promises in the documentary but their provide was rejected.

“ Hardcash Productions dropped our offer for an interview stating that they do not want to interview the people they are producing the documentary about, ” Patriotic Alternative said.

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