View: “Terrifying” Chinese Super Drones That Can “Hunt Humans Within Packs” Are Here

The footage is being described as “terrifying”.

Video of what are being called  “ Chinese language super drones”   has emerged over the past 7 days, and the footage is being described as “ terrifying”.

Footage of ten lightweight drones made its way into the ether this past week thanks to a group at  Zhejiang University, who seem to released the video. It displays the drones bobbing plus weaving through heavily wooded areas, moving swiftly amongst foliage.  

The drones take path from an algorithm that helps them chart their surroundings in real time,   The Sun published in an article   about the video. Their internal software updates “ every single few milliseconds”, which helps them avoid colliding along with other objects.

The article also notes that given that they don’t run on GPS, they can be deployed in areas along with poor satellite coverage.  

That’s all good and well – but the “ terrifying” response to it came when the same team at  Zhejiang University launched video of the drones chasing a man through a forest of trees. After being instructed to keep focus on the man, they are able to follow him – even after he hides behind objects.  

“ The swarms’ capability of navigation and coordination in these movies has attracted and inspired numerous researchers. Here, all of us take a step forward to this kind of future, ” researchers in the journal Science Robotics commented.   Dr Jonathan Aitken from Sheffield University praised the progress as an “ excellent achievement”.  

He added:   “ To achieve a quality map, built from a distributed collection of robots, of the detail shown is an excellent piece of engineering.   To couple this with the additional successful navigation plus avoidance of obstacles, plus critically other members of the swarm, is an excellent achievement. ”

Paul Scharre, former senior Pentagon standard and expert on drone warfare, concluded by observing how well China’s jingle programs were coming together.  

“ We can’t see through the Chinese video whether the drones are communicating and co-ordinating with each other, ” he mentioned.   “ It could just be a launch of drones like the launch of missiles from a multiple-launch rocket system.   However , the test demonstrates China is developing swarm drone systems and they could be operational in a few years. ”

You can watch video of the drones, via  The Telegraph,   here:

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