Alex Jones Reviews Army Psyop Recruitment Film – Watch

The military is ramping up their information combat efforts

Alex Jones breaks down the U. S. Army Special Operations Careers recruitment film “ Ghosts Within the Machine. ”

The DOD information warfare unit is openly recruiting Americans to engage within propaganda efforts benefiting the global elite, not We The folks.

“ You need to know all the good people I am aware that have worked in those units are completely out of it and refuse to take careers with it now, and the kind of people they have in there are literally scum of the World that can’t even clean their own asses, ” Jones said.

Jones continued, “ Our government is run by enemies of the Republic. You’d have to be an idiot with no brain cells to not know that. And the litmus check is critical race theory plus transgenderism to run all the great people out of the military plus convert it over to the pure army of garbage. Same thing with taking over the authorities departments, not to defund all of them, but to get control of these to be political officers, plus Soros already has most of the people in local government under their control. The city attorneys, the particular county attorneys, the district attorneys, the local courts. ”

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