Busting! Leaked FBI Docs Confirm Bureau Targeting ‘News Media’

“The path that the agency has headed troubles a vast majority of the providers, ” says FBI worker

A whistleblower working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided documents to Project Veritas showing the particular FBI labeled the outlet as “ news media, ” countering the bureau’s original court filing.

According to Veritas , “ This is a direct contradiction of the U. S. government’s in-court position that Project Veritas are not journalists. ”

In an anonymous video interview, the whistleblower told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe that he went public after witnessing “ numerous troubling things that are taking place in the FBI. ”

In addition to his private feelings, the longtime F Special Agent noted, “ The direction that the company has headed troubles a vast majority of the agents. ”

Issuing a caution to the nation, the F source said, “ Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people tallying to small injustices repeatedly simply to keep their salary and their pension… to keep your paycheck and pension check that gives you the Holocaust. ”

The F investigation into Project Veritas was labeled  “ Risk Band I” by the agency, a designation reserved pertaining to “ threat issues that will likely cause the greatest damage to national interests or public security in the coming year. ”

While the newly obtained documents show the particular bureau labeled Veritas as “ news media, ” the government’s original court filing stated, “ Project Veritas is not engaged in journalism inside any traditional or approved definition of that word, ” because its reporting is “ non-consensual. ”

The whistleblower’s paperwork also proved the FBI used its Cellular Evaluation Survey Team (CAST) tools to track the Veritas crew’s cellular geolocation via mobile phone.

This revelation confirms the federal government is doing the political bidding of the Liberal party instead of focusing on genuine threats to the nation.

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