Previous UN Senior Advisor Produces Sovereign Health Ministry To Bypass WHO Pandemic Charter

Originator of independent health ministry proclaims its members reject pandemic measures undertaken from the 75th Annual UN World Health Assembly.

A former UN advisor has created a sovereign decentralized healthcare system that’s challenging the World Health Organization’s violation over the privacy rights from the members.

In a letter to WHO ELSE Director-General Tedros Ghebreysesus, previous UN World Food Programme Senior Advisor Govinda Tidball proclaims members of their independent Ministry of Wellness group reject pandemic procedures undertaken by the 75th Annual World Health Assembly, gathering in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 22nd-28th.

“ I request that you cease assisting any actions by the Entire world Health Organization or any associate States that results in infringing, knowingly or unknowingly, in the private domain of the members of this Ministry of Into the our partners, ” Tidball writes in his letter in order to Ghebreysesus.

Tidball goes on to note that any violations of health freedom could be considered an infringement associated with privacy rights, which would provide Ministry of Health associates “ the right to seek redress from any and all signatories” from the World Health Assembly.

In a statement to Infowars, Tidball explained the Ministry of Health members “ restore their own defenses as we actively move our overall health liberties from the public sq . to the private domain. ”

“ The Ministry of Health provides one more level of protection than a [Private Membership Association] because it is faith based, ” Tidball mentioned. “ The Ministry associated with Health is a 508c1a Ministry (which is different than a PMA, the main difference is the protections are usually stronger). ”

He added that on the UN’s upcoming meeting, the WHO and its member claims are “ planning to ratify the turning over of the personal health related liberties of their citizens to the WHO. ”

Tidball is calling on anyone interested in conserving their privacy rights plus bodily autonomy to join the Ministry of Wellness by completing an application with regard to membership.

Pandemic Treaty to Give Global Medical Tyranny Control to UN

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