‘When I Was Hungry, You Given Me’: Pelosi Quotes Scriptures to Justify $40B Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Some critics slammed Pelosi’s reference to the Gospel.

The Bible needs that we send endless Javelins, Stingers and suicide drones to Ukraine.

From  Sibel News :

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was blasted by critics overnight following the girl speech late Tuesday in the House floor in which the lady quoted the Gospel associated with Matthew in order to shore up support for the $40 billion dollars Ukraine aid bill that was later approved by the chamber.

“ The brutality of Putin is not just what he’s doing within Ukraine, but the impact it is having on food for the world. So when you’re home considering what is this all about, just think regarding, ‘ When I was starving, you fed me, ‘ in the Gospel of Matthew, ” Pelosi said.

Her comments arrived as part of a speech largely centered on what the massive amount of financial aid would do for the Ukrainians amid food shortages in the country due to the war with Russia, despite shortages being felt by Americans at home.

A few critics slammed Pelosi’s reference to the Gospel by inquiring if she would apply that will to other policy points, since others joked that “ defense contractors” were those truly gaining from the help bill.

When I was hungry,   you fed me Javelins, Stingers and committing suicide drones.

When I sought out peace, you paid me $53 billion dollars in bribes  to maintain the war going plus send my countrymen in to a meat grinder.

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