“I Care About Our Country, UNITED STATES, and Our People”: Representative. MTG Shuts Down WaPo Reporter Asking About Aid to Ukraine

‘I serve in the United States of America’s Our elected representatives, and you write for the press of the United States of America. The reason why don’t you care about our own people and the crises we’re going through? ‘ MTG requests reporter.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga. ) was well-prepared when she got ambushed with a Washington Post journo requesting why she doesn’t election in favor of Ukraine aid deals.

The particular reporter approached MTG because she was walking with her vehicle in front of the US Congress building and asked the reason why she has been opposed to delivering money to Ukraine.

The swap was shared via the congresswoman’s Twitter .

“ I think it’s terrible [what’s happening in Ukraine]. I feel very sorry for your Ukrainian people, but I was elected to represent our district in Georgia for that United States of America and right now the country is in crisis, our border is out of control – human trafficking, fentanyl – we have inflation out of control, fuel prices out of control… baby formula, people cannot find baby formula… but our own Congress is gonna send out $40 billion to some various other country? ”

The Trump-supporting Georgia congresswoman added that Congress may send money to other countries right after it helps American people.

At this point the media reporter interjects that not all help packages have involved pilfering from American taxpayer coffers, to which MTG argues that “ sanctions [against Russia] have created more inflation and higher fuel costs that are hurting People in america.

“ I’m not participating in anything that’s going to hurt Americans, ” she adds.

“ Has it stopped Putin? Let me ask you, ” she continued. “ Offers Vladimir Putin stopped their war in Ukraine because of all these sanctions? No, not at all. ”

“ I care about our nation, the United States of America, plus our people. That’s it! ” she tells the reporter, who proceeds in order to ask whether she cares about you about Ukraine.

“ Look, I worry about people, ” she informs him, “ but We serve in the United States of Many Congress, and you write for the press of the United States of The united states. Why don’t you care about our individuals and the crises we’re going through? Then when you come close to from that point, then you can think about taking a look at other countries, but we have enough problems here. The tax dollars should help our people. ”

Rep. Greene has also pressed her Democrat co-workers on the far left, which includes radical US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) – a proponent of Green New Deal legislation – in order to answer how the carbon result of the war in Ukraine squares with their climate change agenda.

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