All-Time Greatest Troll Comedian Exposes Black Lives Matter Before Texas City Council

Hustler Cassady Campbell proposes a new George Floyd bill in order to force white students for you to “sit in the back of the bus so that they can live the experience of Gruppo Parks. “

Comedian and activist Cassady Campbell trolled the Frisco City Council dressed for a Black Lives Matter militant, proposing a George Floyd bill demanding reparations as well as other ludicrous “ woke” cover for schools.

Campbell proposed this “ To Say His Name Bill” to honor “ this homie George Floyd” posessing been “ sober for two years, ” during the Mississippi city council meeting last month.

“ I absolutely just got my ancestry DNA test back, and I’m 2% black. The reason I’m upward here today is because you all trifling and we need to honor my homie, George Lloyd, who has now been sober for two years. And this is going to be called, To Say Call him by his name Bill, ” Campbell claimed.

“ Therefore first of all, let’s take a leg to the Pledge of Loyalty of George Floyd. Nicely, I recite the assurance. Everybody take a knee, remember to, ” Campbell demanded.

“ I predict allegiance to George Floyd and the Black Lives Really make a difference movement and the causes which is they stand. One phrase, ‘ I can’t breathe using methamphetamine and fentanyl for, ” he continued.

Campbell then stated the Say His Name Monthly bill, which included proposals to induce white students to give up their lunch money for you to black students and do his or her homework, make white young children sit in the back of the shuttle bus, and give black students set up a baseline grade of 80% though white students start at 0%.

“ Which means first of all, white kids really need to hold their breath to have eight minutes every day. Bright white kids have to do the dark-colored kids’ school work. White little ones have to give black young children their lunch money often they go to the principal’s place of work. Everyone will watch George Floyd’s sex tape and additionally write an essay on the cover. Every Veterans Day, you will honor George Floyd as they served as a security guard with the Salvation Army, ” Campbell announced.

“ Kids can receive added bonus points in the classroom if they keep a pregnant woman by gunpoint. Kids can get bonus points for working with counterfeit $20 bills, ” he continued. “ Youngsters can receive bonus points if they record themselves searching for fend all overdose and even live. Students should specially provoke the police because these types of racist and try their full capacity to receive police mutation and be celebrated by BLM along with a peaceful protest. Students will likely be encouraged to do everything plausible to get shot by the police force and do not comply. ”

“ White children will sit in the back of the exact bus so that they can live the expertise of Rosa Parks. Black young children will start with a baseline secondary on all schoolwork involving 80% and white little ones will start with 0%. In order to end racism, students will post a black sq . on all social media platforms to end racism and tossed equality. Premade Molotov drinks will be for sale in the school retail outlet and they will be highly motivated that they are used on school authorities cars. If a white children acts up in the class room, the teacher will be termed to put on a knee on his neck, ” Campbell additional.

Campbell also called for participants of black-on-black shootings to be celebrated because “ national heroes” in opposition to white supremacy in honor of Chicago , il Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“ If a black kid shoots someone in school, it will be justified and defined as self-defense because he was teased no matter what due to skin color and will be celebrated as a national hero. Black kids shall be issued guns in school regarding protection against white supremacy. The “ N-word” will be called a trigger word which means they will likely now be allowed to pull this. Black-on-black crime will be pushed as it is in Chicago so as to end white supremacy. With the intention of the greatest Mayor of all time, Lori Lightfoot, ” said Campbell.

Earlier in may, Campbell reprised his BLM persona to attempt to vote inside a Texas election without a décider ID, calling the law “ racist. ”

Fortunately, he was unsuccessful.

Campbell also was viral pretending to be a die-hard Biden voter during a town council meeting in Walk, calling for more COVID vaccines and war in Ukraine, and praising World Economic Founder Klaus Schwab.

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