Maher: Protests Outside Supreme Courtroom Justices’ Homes are ‘Wrong’ & ‘Against The Law’

“It’s wrong. It’s intimidation. It is against the law! Would you want this outside your house? ” Maher says.

HBO “ Real Time” host Bill Maher came out swinging against the left’s protests against Supreme Court Justices outside their houses, calling them “ wrong” and “ against the law. ”

“[C]ertainly, the Push [Secretary] at the White House is lower with this. Jen Psaki stated — asked about this, they are people who are demonstrating outside the houses of the Supreme Court justices, she said, ‘ We don’t have an official U. T. government position on where people protest. ‘ Yet we do. It’s incorrect. It’s intimidation. It’s , the burkha! ” Maher said Friday.

“ Appear, it’s not terribly violent, certainly. But would you want this outside your house? ” he or she asked his fellow panelists, author Ian Bremmer plus Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif. ).

Maher criticized both sides from the abortion debate, slamming the particular leaked draft decision in order to overturn Roe v Wade which he said would certainly turn women seeking abortion into “ criminals. ”

“ Then when you drive from T. A. to Nevada, on one side of the border, if you’re just a free person. Lack of, you’re a criminal. You can fly across the country and obtain and lose your reproductive system rights 20 times. How do America sustain that? ” he said.

Maher then slammed Home Democrats for changing its language to include terms such as “ pro-abortion” instead of “ pro-choice. ”

“ No one should be pro-abortion! ” Maher said, noting that Democrats no longer care about the Clinton-era idiom associated with “ safe, legal and rare. ”

“ I think that’s whenever Democrats were aligned along with most Americans, ” he said. “ I think which what most Americans desire, safe, legal, and uncommon. That’s not where the Democrats are now. They don’t say that anymore. ”

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