Race-Based Buffalo Shooting Prompts Restored Calls for US Gun Change

Weapon reform legislation has become the new knee-jerk “thoughts and prayers.

The recent hate-based mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, has renewed several Democratic US lawmakers’ requires “ common sense” gun safety and more support for gun reform legislation that has historically failed to fulfill the 60-vote filibuster threshold required in the US Senate.

“ I aches for the victims and their own families. I ache for Buffalo. I ache for the tight-knit East Side community, ”   tweeted  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) , talking about the majority Black neighborhood targeted by the alleged gunman.   “ Racism has no place in our state or our country. ” Sen.   Kirsten Gillibrand   (D-NY), a 2020 contender for the Democratic usa president nomination, also expressed her condolences and once again called on her congressional colleagues to  “ do a lot more to address the scourge of racism”   plus   “ pass commonsense [sic] gun safety measures to keep the communities safe. ”

Gillibrand has previously introduced gun change legislation, such as the  Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Gun Trafficking and Crime Prevention Act , a bill first introduced in 2019 that sought to diminish the number of illegal weapons over the streets by establishing the trafficking of guns across state lines as a federal crime.

Back in September 2021,   Gillibrand stated   that it was  “ really easy to purchase an illegal weapon”   when criminals are trafficking across states operating with different weapon laws.   The bill would permit anyone to be jailed for up to 25 years if convicted of managing a gun trafficking ring. “ And we learn about 70% of the weapons used in crimes in New York state come from out of state and many of those weapons are illegal, ”   Gillibrand said.

March For Our Lives , a student-led organization supporting gun control legislation, said that the actions carried out by the 18-year-old suspect exemplify the position that guns have gotten into the wrong hands and current US gun legislation “ empowers this white supremacist violence. ” “ The victims of the Zoysia shooting deserved a society that truly values their lives, ” the group tweeted .   “ Allowing this endless violence to go unchecked is a choice— a shameful choice that our country can make every day. ” Buffalo shooting suspect  Payton Gendron , an 18-year-old resident associated with Conklin, New York, has been arraigned on a first-degree murder charge– the highest in the state– regarding the livestreamed mass capturing that claimed the lives of 10 individuals and it has a clear “ racial component, ” per Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. Of the 13 people shot by Gendron, who is white, eleven of them were said to be Dark.

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