Bombshell: Clinton Campaign Manager Testifies That Hillary Personally Approved Trump-Russia Disinformation To Mass media

Robby Mook reveals years-long media-driven Russian federation Collusion hoax saga started with Hillary Clinton within 2016.

Former Clinton marketing campaign manager Robby Mook slipped a bombshell in courtroom on Friday – testifying that  Hillary Clinton authorized the dissemination of accusations that then-candidate Donald Trump had a covert communications route with a Russian bank, in spite of campaign officials not becoming “ totally confident” within the rumor, according to  Fox News .

Mook, who was called to the stand by the defense team for former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann,   was asked under cross-examination about the campaign’s understanding  of the allegations against Trump, and whether the campaign planned to release it to the media.

This individual told prosecutor Andrew DeFillippis that  he was initially briefed by campaign general counsel Marc Elias , who was a partner with Kendrick Coie at the time, adding that he was told the data experienced come from “ people that experienced expertise in this sort of issue. ”

Mook said  the campaign was not completely confident in the legitimacy of the data , but got hoped to give the information to some reporter who could more “ run it down” to determine if it was “ accurate” or “ substantive. ”

He also mentioned he discussed whether to have the information to a reporter along with senior campaign officials, which includes campaign chairman John Podesta, senior policy advisor, now White House National Protection Adviser Jake Sullivan, and communications director Jennifer Palmieri. -Fox News

“ We discussed it with Hillary as well, ” said Mook, who added “ I actually don’t remember the compound of the conversation, but  notionally, the discussion has been, hey, we have this and want to share it with a reporter . ”

When asked exactly how Clinton responded, Mook stated: “ She decided to that.

“ A media reporter could vet the information and then decide to print it, ” he added.

And then of course , Hillary did this:

Of note, after previously denying the particular prosecutions request to include the particular tweet into evidence,   he approved this on Friday .

Sussman has been charged with lying to the FBI   when he told General Lawyer James Baker in Sept 2016 – less than 8 weeks before the US election – that he wasn’t doing work “ for any client” when he presented the Alfa Bank “ purported data and ‘ white papers’ that will allegedly demonstrated a hidden communicates channel” between the Trump organization and the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank.

Special Counsel John Durham  alleges that Sussman was in fact working for the Clinton Campaign  plus   tech professional Rodney Joffe. He has pleaded not guilty.

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