Depp vs Heard Legal Battle Generates More Social Media Exercise Than Biden, Musk, or COVID

Us citizens distracted by Hollywood circus while country implodes

The continuing defamation trial between Ashton Depp and his ex-wife Ruby Heard that began last month has attracted more attention on social media compared to many other notable issues, like inflation and the crisis within Ukraine, Axios reports, citing data from social media engagement tracking firm called NewsWhip.

Based on the media outlet, the demo has apparently generated more social media interactions – such as “ likes”, shares plus comments – than reports about Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, US Chief executive Joe Biden, Tesla owner and boss Elon Musk, abortion, or COVID-19.

Also, over the past month “ Amber Heard” has been searched for on Google more frequently than “ Elon Musk” or the “ Supreme Court”.

The litigation furthermore ended up being treated “ like their Super Bowl” by entertainment outlets, Axios writes, noting that Rachel Stockman, president of reside trial network Law& Criminal offense – whose average every day viewership has soared because the beginning of the trial, said: “ Hands down it’s a record setter for us”.

Amber Heard is being sued for $50 million simply by Johnny Depp, who alleges that she defamed your pet in an opinion column published in The Washington Post (printed in Fairfax County) in December 2018.

In the publication that upset Depp, Heard claimed she had been a victim of domestic abuse, although she did not name her ex-husband straight.

The process attracted a considerable number of fans who want to witness the events within the courtroom, something that has also led to people offering money for the opportunity to  get access to the hearings.

Discussing how Biden’s policies have had a negative effect on the public, Alex Jones called on Republicans to bring in articles of impeachment against the Democrat puppet president in order to save the country.

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