German Supreme Court Rules Mandatory Vax For Health Employees Constitutional

Need to ‘protect’ vulnerable populations in hospitals outweighs ‘my body, my choice’ fights, court says

Three months after  denying   an injunction over a mandate requiring healthcare workers to present proof of full vaccination, Germany’s Supreme Court  ruled that the mandate is constitutional.

On Thursday, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court  rejected complaints about compulsory vaccination for health workers, quarrelling that the need to ‘ protect’ vulnerable populations in hospitals outweighs ‘ my body, my choice’ arguments.

“ In Germany, as well, an average of 130 to 150 people are dying every day due to the pandemic, ” Health Minister Karl Lauterbach told reporters in Berlin. “ Therefore the impression that the pandemic has been defeated is wrong. ”

Lauterbach produced the comments during a two-day peak with his G7 counterparts, where he said that “ the state is obliged to protect vulnerable organizations. ”

Fully vaccinated US Health Admin Xavier Becerra was due to attend the meeting in person, but came down along with Covid-19 in Berlin on Wednesday, one day after conference Lauterbach and other other notable German figures, according to the  Washington Submit .

Nearly 76% of Germans have received two shots associated with Covid-19 vaccine so far, while nearly 60% have also received a booster shot.

Discussing how Biden’s guidelines have had a negative effect on the public, Alex Jones called on Republicans in order to introduce articles of impeachment against the Democrat puppet president in order to save the nation.

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