The truly amazing Reset Docuseries: Introducing The Reset & The Plan To get Global Governance

Exposé provides WEF and other global institutional leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland for annual meeting.

A brand new docuseries by Rebel News journalists Kian Simone plus Lewis Brackpool takes a heavy dive into the World Financial Forum and its Great Totally reset plan, a blueprint meant for global governance using worldwide institutions to implement the controlled demolition of Western civilization.

“ We provide the background from the World Economic Forum and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, combined with the other global elites which assisted in the birth of the organization, ” the YouTube explanation states.

“ We explore the particular organizations that compliment one another, working alongside the WEF to plan and sanction a new form of global governance through The Great Reset. ”

The elite of the Great Reset docuseries comes as the WEF along with other global leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland from May 22-26 to coordinate and consolidate the Great Reset agenda and codify the World Wellness Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.

The Great Reset: Google Co-Founder “ Eternal Life? In 10 Years We Have an Implant In Our Brains? ”

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