Biden Vows Military Response From US if China Invades Taiwan

The US president noted that will Beijing is “ flirting with danger” as tensions around Taiwan are escalating, warning China against tries to seize the island by force. Joe Biden addressed the issue of Taiwan during his meeting with Japanse EVENING Fumio Kishida, pledging to protect the island against any kind of invasion. “ That’ s i9000 the commitment we produced, ” he said when […]#@@#@!!

The US leader noted that Beijing can be “ flirting with danger” as tensions around Taiwan are escalating, warning Tiongkok against attempts to seize the island by power. Joe Biden addressed the void of Taiwan during his ending up in Japanse PM Fumio Kishida, pledging to protect the island against any invasion.

“ That’s the commitment we made, ” he said when requested if Washington would intervene militarily against a possible attempt by Beijing to take control of Taiwan.

We decided with the One China plan , we signed onto it… but the idea that it could be taken by force is just not appropriate”.

This is not the first time Biden offers confirmed that the US might defend Taiwan if it was attacked: last year, he furthermore said that, while the White House stressed that the US is not going to change its policy regarding this matter.

Tensions between China as well as the US have been brewing in the last months, amid growing transport of American weapons in order to Taipei.

Simultaneously, China voiced protest over the number of US policies at the Taiwan issue: most recently, the united states Department of State modified its website, omitting the phrase “ the United States  does not assistance Taiwan independence “.

In response, Beijing urged the US to “ stop doing political manipulation”, stressing “ there is only one China in the world”.

Scenario Around Taiwan

Taiwan, which formally calls itself the “ Republic of China”, has been ruled separately from the rest of the nation since the end of the city war in 1949.  

Beijing considers the island to become a part of the People’s Republic associated with China , and while the US does not recognise Taiwan being an independent nation, Washington enjoys close relations with Taipei, delivering weapons and pledging to protect the island.

Last month, however , US media suggested that American defence contractors had a backlog of $14. two billion worth of  military equipment that Taiwan bought   in 2019. According to the reports, lower than 20 percent of the tools ordered has been delivered to Taipei due to “ COVID-related buy issues”.

Dealing with the backlog, Admiral Eileen Gilday, chief of US Naval Operations urged Taiwan to improve its defence, citing a  possible “ aggression” by China   in light of the crisis within Ukraine. It trigerred a painful reaction in Beijing, with the Chinese foreign ministry saying that Taiwan was none of Many business.

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